'The Hardcore Showdown'
The Emporium
5th February 2005

After the phenomenal success of last week's HTID 'Foam Party' at Air it was time to put on my raving shoes and head out of Birmingham to Coalville nr Leicester
This Uproar event featured DJ's performing back to back with each other for the first time ever. With DJ's from various labels battling against each other making a mixture of some very interesting DJ sets. Tonight's event was also being filmed for a national TV advert, for a fourth coming mix compilation.

This was my 2nd visit to the Emporium and Uproar, Uproar are definitely setting a standard within the Hardcore scene with their previous event selling out. Uproar have been given the task to host one of the Hardcore nights at this years Innovation weekender in Barcelona.

Having left Birmingham just after 9 we arrived at the Emporium in Coalville just after 10. The venue is located just off the High street with ample places to park.
The queue for the event was enormous as it stretched either side of the venue up and down the high street. The queue was split into two sections as you could pay on the door or have a reservation place.

Having guest list places we didn't have any time to wait. Once our places were confirmed we were in, Zoë from the 'Fruit Club' and Uproar's very own MC Rude greeted us on the door. With Rude on the door he showed us the flyer for the next Uproar, sometime during the Easter Bank Holiday at the Empire nightclub in Milton Keynes. He showed us a photo of the new venue that they're using in July though he wouldn't tell us the name of the venue, but it does look impressive I have to say!

We dropped our coats in the cloakroom, whilst walking towards the cloakroom we were given a card with tonight's set times which is quite handy.

DJ Kickback was on in the main arena playing an upfront set. At this point I had a wander around the venue and this gave me a chance to say hello to some friends. The main arena has many podiums and raised platforms that people can dance on, though it does get quite rammed with not many places to dance. The production was excellent with some fluorescent inflatables dangling high up in the ceiling and the lasers reflecting off the crowd. What I do like about the venue is the balcony as it overlooks the dance floor from all angles so you can watch the craziness from a view.

Well after Kickback it was the turn of Dougal and Kevin Energy, Kevin Energy replaced Sharkey so this set was quite interesting to say the least. Dougal is known for his vocal Hardcore and Kevin Energy for his darker Freeform. It definitely was a contrast of styles. As Dougal and Kevin Energy played a remix of 'Kick you legs in the air',' Fly with the beat', '2Xtreme' and 'Bang 9'. Odyssey was on mic duty getting the party bubbling as the main arena started to fill up.

Radical Technology and Uproar Hard hosted the 2nd arena, this arena featured the harder styles Hardcore as Scott Brown was to play a Gabba set later on. I didn't stay in here too long.

Back to the main arena and Whizzkid had arrived to make a brief appearance on the mic, as he gave us a taster of things to come later.

After Dougal and Kevin Energy it was the turn of Marc Smith and Breeze. Uproar's very own MC Rude was on the mic along with Odyssey. This was another contrast of styles in music as Marc Smith is known for his harder styles similar to what Scott Brown would play and Breeze part of the Raver Baby crew known for his uplifting sets. We had a mixture of tunes from these guys, as they played 'Heartbeatz', 'Adagio', 'Getting better',' Electric' 'All about you' and 'Neck breaker'. Half way through this set saw the arrival of MC Storm.

Well next up it was the two promoters, come producers, come DJ's, Hixxy and Seduction were on back to back accompanied by the MC² duo of Storm and Whizzkid. This was one hell of a set, seeing these two DJ's battling it out together. With Storm and Whizzkid battling against with each other on the mic really made this set very entertaining.
Seduction and Hixxy played a varying set with some remixes of ever-popular oldskool tunes with a mixture of new as Seduction played a remix of his very own 'Sample mania'. 'Take me away',' Fly Away',' Time to fly', 'The Theme' were all played through out the battle. Storm and Whizzkid were hyping up the crowd chatting their lyrics and getting the crowd involved. As throughout the set they got the crowd to recite their lyrics and lyrics of several of the songs being played. Hixxy and Seduction continued to battle it out as they played 'I adore',' Put you hands up in the air' and ' Slide away'.

After an explosive battle from these four it was the turn of newcomer Gammer against the Scotsman - Scott Brown. Gammer is known for playing harder styles similar to what Scott Brown plays. So these two guys playing against each worked quite well as their styles complimented each other. Scott started the set in true form by playing' 'Boomstick', they both played some Evolution classics and dropping some of the darker sides of Essential Platinum such as 'Rock that body',' 'Pro to*Plasm','2xtreme',' Neck breaker', 'All about you' and 'Rock you softly'. Rude and Whizzkid got the crowd singing whilst 'Rock you softly' was being played.

Next up was one of the best sets of the evening as you had the Scratchmaster SY battling alongside Raver Baby's 'Boy Faquar' Darren Styles. Storm was MCing throughout this set exciting the crowd and complementing SY with his vocal scratch. They played a mixture of Quosh and Raver Baby tunes as SY played 'Dreadland','Edge-1 Remix','Making me wanna dance', 'Open your eyes to love' with Styles playing 'Getting better',' You're my angel', 'Slide away', 'Perfect Dream's remix' and 'Elements'. With Storm being full of energy and with the enthusiasm that he possesses unfortunately he did slip on the stage falling into the crowd, grazing his shin I suspect. Though like a true professional that he is, he still battled on entertaining the crowd. TRUE HARDCORE!!!

Last set of the evening featured Slipmatt and Billy Bunter with the vocal talents of Charlie B. Charlie B an oldskool MC was up for this set, though he was completely spannered which was quite amusing. He was teasing the crowd and mocking Storm and Whizzkid. Slipmatt and Billy Bunter started off with oldskool, as Slipmatt played 'Heart of gold', there was a lot of vocal tunes being played as they were playing classics from the 95-96 era. As they played' Let it lift you',' People's party',' Here I am',' Rainbows' and 'Forever together'. Near the end of the set it sounded like the sound system was boosted to another level as I could feel pure bass rattling through my body. Billy stepped up another level to play the remix of 'Shining down' and also the 'Body slam remix' too.

Tonight was another successful night for Seduction, Rude and the Uproar crew. The atmosphere tonight was buzzing with plenty of people up for it. It definitely looked like another sell-out for the Uproar crew, with no trouble from the crowd either, making it a successful night.

The only downside is that the way the club is structured there's not much room to shock out and the dance floor and platforms get rammed, as it definitely was a full house! With hardly room much room it does get quite hot and you can't have an outdoor area to get away from the madness and cool down at The Emporium. The chill out arena is ok though it can get quite stuffy. As I do think that Hardcore events should have some form of outdoor chill out area, for health and safety reasons as it gives you a chance to have a bit of a breather.

Well it looks like Uproar is on the move again as their next event is at the Empire, Milton Keynes. With 3 arenas of musically madness and features an outdoor chill out area!

Big Shouts to Rude , Seduction and the Uproar crew for putting on an excellent night., Storm, Whizzkid, Hixxy, Breeze, Sy, Odyssey, Scott Brown, Billy Bunter, Slipmatt. Charlie B, Ribbz, Zoe at Fruit Club, Rob at True Hardcore Ben and Katie.

Massive respects to the raving crew, Leanne, Brian BK, Andy, Bertie and Immz, Hiney, Olly, Gammer, James and Charlie, Quavers, Jim and Damo, Mike at BornHardcore, Maz, Bag, Vic, Niki, Lisa and everyone else from USH.net and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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