‘Maximum Overload!’
The Emporium
Saturday 10th September 2005

After the massive event at the Nottingham Arena during this summer, Uproar returned back to the Emporium in Coalville nr Leicester as they presented ‘Maximum Overload’. It’s been over 6 months since Uproar’s last visit to the Emporium this was also their penultimate event of the year. Tonight’s line-up was different to that of previous events featuring various DJ’s playing a broader range of Hardcore featuring various styles and different forms.

We left Birmingham around 8ish and headed up the M1 towards Coalville, it didn’t take too long finding The Emproium even though it’s been over 6 months since our last visit. We were able to find our bearings very quickly and parked up in the car park at the back of the venue.

Heading towards the venue we drove along the main high street in Coalville and noticed the oversized queue this was stretching along the high street. As tonight’s event had completely sold out! We arrived at the venue after 9, the queue stretched out along the high in both directions. People without guaranteed entry were going too have a long wait tonight.

Before entering the venue I decided to pop into the pub across the road to meet up with a few friends, as they weren’t letting people in the venue at this point. After about 40 minutes we went back to the club and to see that they were letting in people.

I was greeted on the door by MC Rude, it looked like he was under some serious stress, Rude was apologising to people about opening late. After a quick word with Rude, I dropped off my coat into the cloak grabbed the set times and headed to the main arena.

Venturing into the main arena and I was impressed by the production in here tonight. There were massive banners across the venue, with a projection screen and various sized inflatables hanging from the ceiling.

I wasn’t too keen on the layout tonight, like previous Uproar’s here the DJ box was located on the balcony. This time round the MC stage was also located here too. There were numerous podiums around the dance floor for people to dance on and the dancers were on the main stage at the front of the arena. Throughout the night there was a massive green laser being used to light up the dance floor this was very impressive.

DJ Error was on warming things up, Error is more known for his production as he produced ‘Died oh’ (the Dido rip) an awesome remix. MC Wotsee was on mic duty playing early as he was heading off to the massive Magna event hosting the Next generation room. Error played Scott Brown’s ‘Taking drugs’ and ‘Call my name’.

At this point I thought I’d have a wonder around the venue and venture into the techno room. The techno room was in a very dark room with lots of room to move with a low ceiling as you know it was going to hot and sticky later on.

I caught the beginning of Simon underground, he started off the set playing some drum and bass, sounded like he was playing stuff from either Virus or Renegade hardware, very dark and techy grimey. After dropping the dnb he played techno and well this was not for my liking to be honest. So I left and ventured back to the main arena.

Kniteforce’s DJ Luna-C was on, it’s been along time since I’ve seen Luna-C play out, Luna-C is known for playing varied styles of not only Hardcore but playing a set featuring various genres of music too!

MC’s Smiley and Wotsee were MCing for Luna-C set it felt a bit impersonal with the MC’s not being at the front of the stage, though they were able to get the party rocking as it was very rammed here in the main arena.

Luna-C set featured some interesting tunes as he played ‘Ready or not’ the Beetles classic ‘Help’ yes he did play ‘Help’, as one of the other times I’ve seen him play he played ‘Jonny be good’. Luna–C also played ‘Timebomb’ an amazing tune!

After Luna-C, Breeze and Styles were on next. The RBC duo was showcasing plenty of Raver Baby material with Uproar’s very own MC Rude on mic duty. When Rude stepped up on the mic he apologised about the late opening and also announced that Uproar will be closing at 6am as opposed to the advertised 7am finish.

Breeze and Styles started the set with a remix of the Prodigy classic ‘No good (Start the dance)’ which went down well, there wasn’t as much vocally tunes in the set than what I expected as it was a tad darker than usual. They continued to play ‘Dark like vader’, ‘Sound without a name’, ‘I will be’ before ending the set with Scott Brown’s ‘Boomstick’

With there being an early finish Dougal was originally booked to play last set but he played back to back with DJ Sy. Storm arrived to take control on the mic. Storm loves to MC down on the dance floor to interact with the Ravers so I thought with him being further than usual he still wouldn’t have that same finesse but I was proven wrong!

I would have to say that MCing at such a height must have been buzz seeing the view from here was spectacular watching all the Ravers . Storm does what he does best and rocked the crowd into a mad frenzy.

This was quite an interesting set from Sy and Dougal, as this was the first time that I’ve seen these two play back to back. Dougal was playing a lot of vocally uplifting tunes were as Sy would be laying down the bouncy stuff. They played ‘Let me be your fantasy’, ’Lift me above’, ’Slide away’, ’Drive me crazy’ and ‘Making me wanna dance’.

Next up was Notorious Vinyl’s and Scotland’s Marc Smith with MC Smiley on the mic. Marc Smith started the set with ‘Be alone ‘and also played Gammer’s ‘Ready for war’. It’s quite interesting to watch Marc Smith mix, to see him manipulate the mixer to its full extent!

After Marc it was the turn of Uproar’s very own DJ Seduction with the MC duo of Storm and Whizzkid. It was quite interesting seeing these two MC in such a small confined space on the balcony as opposed to being down on the big stage with the crowd.
Seduction played some pieces of Maximum impact as he played the remixes of ‘Let me be your fantasy’ and ‘Raving I’m raving’ along with ‘Slammin and jammin’.

Penultimate set of the night came from Essential platinum’s Gammer and Raver baby’s Re-Con. This was a set that I was looking forward to. It was going to be interesting to see these two play back to back for the first time.

Smiley was on mic duty for this set it looked like Smiley was having a busy night tonight keeping the crowd entertained. Gammer and Re-con played a vocally and dark set as they played ‘Angel eyes’, ’So about you’ and ‘Cry’.

At this point I decide to head to the chill out room to rest up before the final set of the night. The chill out room is located at the back of the venue on 2 floors with lots of comfy chairs. There was a merchandise stall selling various bits and pieces including a large range of vinyl. MC Storm was down here doing a few interviews for the events DVD with Ben Norman.

Back to the main arena and in time for the final set of the night from Scotland’s number one Scott brown. Scott threw in ‘Be happy’ from Brisk’s Next generation label, he carried onto play ‘Rock you softly’, ‘Fly with you’ and an old classic which was a collaboration with himself and Brisk ‘Chase’. An amazing tune as it’s the remix of a drum and bass tune from Kosheen ‘Hide you’.

Scott carried on playing some heavy gabba beats, Whizzkid was up on stage MCing to Scott brown. I really enjoy Whizzkid MCing to Scott Brown with them switching styles, Whizzkid was keeping the crowd going into the early hours of the morning, Storm made a brief appearance on the mic too. Scott finished the night with Neophytes ‘under control’.

Another successful night from the Uproar team, it was very busy with plenty number of people having a good time and were all definitely up for it tonight.

I was disappointed about the early finish but you can’t complain when licences are changed and dictated by the local law. I’m not too keen on the way the Emporium is structured, as when it gets busy there is hardly any room to dance. It can feel a bit claustrophobic. The heat did take it toll at time and do feel that there needs to be some sort of outdoor chill out area. As the club cooling system was really up to the job

With the MC stage being situated on the same balcony as the DJ box I did feel it lacked that little something compared to when the MC is down at the front interacting with the Ravers. Fair play for Uproar trying something different but if it isn’t broke don’t fix it! The 2nd balcony was closed off to make way for the backstage which was a bit of shame as you can get some great views up here.

Uproar is once again on the move as they pack up and travel down to the sanctuary in Birmingham in November for their final event of the year.

Big shouts to MC Rude, Seduction and the Uproar crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Sy, Breeze and Styles, Recon, Ben, Scott Brown, Wotsee, Smiley, Marc Smith and Zoe at Fruit club.

Respects to Dave Quaver, Lisa and Phil ( happy birthday mate), Michelle and the Tamworth / Shrewsbury crew, Sara from Northampton, Lisa, Kev Pikey (happy birthday), Brian BK, Flyin and Charmin, Matty, Rob at True Hardcore (happy birthday), Lou Lou, Carrie, Vic, Maz, Andy Immz and Lucy, Andy Farmin, Doug, Andy legs, Heather, Mini smithers, Nikki, Charles and Ronni, Sarah and Sallie, Andrea, Jim, Damo, Kel, Dave at UKScene, Pricey, Olly Thumpa, Sawyer and the Lichfield crew, Lee UHF, Phil Friction, Zane, MC Jutt, Sammi from Rizzen, Gareth, Stu GT, Uplift and Kaylene, oh and that bloke who set out at 7am all the way from Scotland to get to Uproar fair play mate !!!! Oh to the service station crew you know who you are and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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