The Sanctuary
Saturday 12th November 2005

Uproar hosting parties previously at the Emporium in Coalville nr Leicester, packed their bags and moved down the road and to Birmingham at the legendary Sanctuary keeping Uproar firmly based in the midlands.

For those that don’t know the Sanctuary in Birmingham is embroiled in rave history as the Sanctuiary in Milton Keynes. The Sanctuary formerly known as The Institute hosted parties such as Pandemonium and Amnesia in the past before changing its name to The Sanctuary. Where it has hosted events such as Flashback, Sundissential and also being the former home of Godskicthen, so you know that this venue is tried and tested!

I arrived at the Sanctuary after 10 and was greeted by a small queue which I thought was kind of odd having been to previous Uproars there’s normally a massive queue, especially at this time. Though there were people queuing who were waiting to pay on the door as they weren’t to be allowed in till after 11. After a brief search I was greeted on the door by MC Rude who was sorting out a few last minute things.

Headed straight for the main arena and I was left gob smacked. I’ve not seen the main arena of the Sanctuary packed in a long time, it was rammed jammed!! There was a complete sea of people with everyone stomping to the hardcore beats the party was definitely in full flow! The production was spot on in the main arena with gigantic inflatables hanging form the ceiling, there was also Uproar banners draped on the stage and across the DJ box. The sound system was really loud with the speaker stacks located either side of the stage.

On the main stage there was a platform for the MC’s and the dancers, the DJ box was situated by the organ at the back of the main arena. CLSM and Robbie Long were on taking control with MC’s Wotsee and Smiley. Smiley and Wotsee were working the crowd getting the party rocking, CLSM’s Jon Doe was on the decks along side Club Kinetic favourite Robbie Long. This was in interesting set with these two playing back to back, the set featured a lot of breakbeat influenced tracks. They played ‘Crazy love’ and ‘Blow the roof’. There were a few problems with the mic’s at the beginning but once that was sorted the party was truly underway.

Next up was Essential Platinum’s DJ Dougal alongside MC Smiley, Dougal played plenty of vocally tracks from Essential Platinum. Smiley was MCing and has improved significantly. The crowd were enjoying Dougals selection, Dougal started off with ‘Drive me crazy’ before moving onto ‘Through the darkness’ and ‘Lift me above’. I really enjoy the vocal tunes off Essential Platinum especially since Lisa Marie features on a lot of their tracks and after seeing her sing live at the PA a few weeks back. Dougal played a few darker tunes like ‘Ready for core and nightmare’ which saw the introduction of MC Whizzkid.

After Dougal it was DJ’s Gammer and Marc Smith playing back to back, they played ’Cry’ there was a small introduction of drum and bass during this set as Gammer played the ‘Voodoo people’ remix from Pendulum which saw the crowd go crazy!!!!

At this point I decided to head for the oldskool arena, the oldskool arena was situation in the dragon bar. The south coast duo of DJ Ramos and MC Knight were on, playing an awesome oldskool 95-96 set. The set was littered with plenty of RSR classics being played by Ramos, he played DJ Slam’s ‘Influence’, ’95 style’,’ Peoples party’ and ‘Incognito’

I headed to the main arena and DJ Seduction was on with the MC duo of Storm and Whizzkid. Storm and Whizzkid were immense on this mighty stage. The crowd were in complete euphoria whilst these two were on the stage. Storm and Whizzkid were working off each other and getting the crowd to recite their lyrics. They had this stage covered from every angle!

Back to the oldskool arena and Ramos was finishing up he played ‘Terminator’ as his last tune. Next up was the Midlands duo of DJ Pilgrim and MC Energy. Pilgrim very familiar of The Sanctuary and The Institute, Pilgrim was awesome he knows how to rock the midlands crowd, being a favourite here during the old Pandemonium days.

Pilgrim and Energy were rocking the oldskool crowd he started off with a nu skool breaks remix of the Prodigy classic ‘Out of space’ moving onto ‘The Vamp’, ‘The wave of the future’, ‘Confusion’ ‘Can’t stop the rush’ and ‘Check out the bass’. Energy was heavy on the mic getting involved and MCing in the crowd. Big up! There wasn’t a massive turnout in the oldskool arena in comparison to the other arena’s but there was still a good vibe in here as this was arena doubled up as the chill out room too.

Well I headed back to the main arena and Scott Brown was on alongside Uproar’s MC Rude. Scott was finishing up playing his typical hard style to end the set with as he played ‘Fuck you up’ and ‘To you who doubt me’. This got the ravers on the dance floor stomping and going crazy!

Next up fresh after picking up their awards from Hardcore Heaven Awards the best DJ of 2005 and best MC of 2005 yep it was DJ SY and MC Storm. SY and Storm lived up to their name playing an awesome set. SY true to form was scratching with Storm complimenting him with his vocal scratch. SY played ‘Hold me forever’, ‘Makin me wanna dance’, ‘Rock ya hardcore’ he also played a new remix which featured the oldskool tune from Terrorise – ‘Such a feeling’, before finishing the set with ‘Lullaby’. MC Storm was truly magnificent throughout this set working up the crowd on stage displaying why he’s Hardcore’s number one MC.

Final set of the evening came from another set of winners from the Hardcore Heaven Awards DJ’s Breeze and Styles. The Raver Baby duo were showcasing plenty of Raver Baby material alongside Whizzkid MC. Whizzkid was truly magnificent on stage hyping up the crowd and sending them into frenzy for the final hour.

Breeze and Styles played lots of Raver Baby favourites and a few others too they played ‘Open your eyes to love’, the remix of ‘I got a feeling’, ‘Nightmare’ and ’Save me’. Whizzkid was joined later by MC Storm and these two were breath-taking, you wouldn’t have thought it was the last 30minutes with the way these two were going on! I wish that there was a nomination for MC² rather than for either MC respectively. Breeze and Styles finished the night with ‘Cry’ though security allowed for one extra tune which was ‘Dance’, this sent the crowd into sheer ecstasy!

Overall I thought tonight was truly awesome when I arrived at the venue tonight I saw that there was not much of a queue and thought that it wasn’t going to be busy, but when stepped foot in the main arena how wrong was I !

It was a massive risk with Uproar using the Sanctuary as it hasn’t been proven as a Hardcore venue. It has been very successful for hard house nights in the past, but not for hardcore, especially with HTID being on the following week too. I was really impressed tonight the production was spot on and the laser was mind blowing. Uproar used the Sanctuary to its full potential, when I’ve been here in the past they’ve not used the balcony but as it was well busy tonight the whole venue was used!

The atmosphere was spot on didn’t see any trouble and with England beating Argentina 3-2 earlier in the day it brought that vibe into the venue making a really electric night!
I would love to see Uproar return back to the Sanctuary in the near future as this venue has lots of potential!

Big shouts to Rude, Seduction and the Uproar crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Alex Energy and Stacie, Pilgrim, Breeze and Styles, Sy, Scott Brown, Marc Smith, Ramos and Knight, Zoë from Fruit club, Dougal, Wotsse, Smiley and Overlode, Gammer, Robbie Long, Jon Doe, MC Nice and Easy, Zane, Ribbz, Wizbit and HB, Vibes and Livelee, Up the cut crew, Vinyljunkie and Dope.

Big respects to Shaun, Craig, Daz Rampant, Sarah and your dancing Family (Happy Birthday), Julie and Annabel, Marcus, Caddy, Matty, Charlie and James, Lee UHF, Maz, Lisa, Gillian, Gareth, Steph, Kev Pikey, Andy Immz + Lucy, Bertie, Sharl, Womble, Juicy and the Shrewsbury crew, Phil Friction Andy Legs, Andrea, Kel, Damo , Dave and the UKScene crew, Astraboy, Buzz B, Jutt, Brian BK, Claire, Olly Thumpa and Tansy, Shazza and Dave, Stu GT also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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