Chemical Reaction
The Sanctuary
Saturday 29th April 2004

After the sell out success of Uproar’s first event of 2006 ‘The hardcore Showdown part 2’, Uproar returned back to The Sanctuary, in Birmingham to present ‘Chemical Reaction’

I arrived in Digbeth after 10 and was greeted by a colossus queue which once again spanned right outside the Sanctuary and towards the dance factory, plenty of eager ravers waiting to get on the dance floor.

The queue was moving quite fast and security were quite stringent as they were asking many people for ID, unfortunately those who did look young and were without id were being turned away. Once inside I was greeted by MC Rude, Who was working on the door sorting out a few last minute things.

I grabbed my set times for the evening and headed upstairs to the main arena. The party was in full swing there was hardly any room to move in the main arena, with hundreds of ravers stomping away and it was only ten o’clock!

Once again I was impressed by the production team here the balcony was draped with Uproar banners. At the back of the arena was a massive Uproar banner with a set of mirror balls for the lasers to bounce off into the crowd. On stage was a massive inflatable mouth with a full set of arms as the DJ box was located within the mouth of this extraordinary creature. Hanging of the ceiling where inflatable spikes and other isometric objects.

The sound system was to notch nice and booming and very clear!

Marc Smith was on with MC Wotsee hyping up the crowd as the party was in full swing. Had a wander to the oldskool arena and DJ Snypa was on playing a 92 setting the mood for this arena. He played ‘Hold it down’ and ‘Living in darkness’ MC Dope was mcing for his set, the arena wasn’t rammed this early on but was busy enough to create a nice vibe in here.

Headed back to the main arena and I was in time for the Raver Babyshowcase from Hixxy and Breeze. MC’s Storm and Whizzkid were on stage for this set, I was quite surprised to see Hixxy on so early but I guess with his shoulder injury playing up he didn’t want to be out too late.

Storm and Whizzkid were tremendous on stage for this set hyping up the crowd with them bouncing from left to right on this massive stage.

Hixxy and Breeze played plenty of tracks which have been featured on the recent Hardcore X-treme album as they dropped ‘more and More’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘Never too late’, ‘Promise Land’, ‘21st Century rush’ and ‘Suck my …!’

Headed upstairs to the oldskool arena and was greated to the sounds of DJ vibes and Livelee, the oldskool arena was busier compared to earlier with lots of ravers bouncing around to Vibe’s tune selection , the setup in here was same ass the previous Uproar event, which I prefer. Vibes and Livelee were on playing an awesome 96 happy set with him dropped ‘Re-Create creation’, ‘Rush hour’ and ‘Jumpin Pumpin’, wicked stuff form the oldskool master. Livelee was awesome with his catchy lyrics getting the crowd to sing along with him.

Back to the main arena and the GEOS crew were in full infect DJ Robbo and MC Marley. Geos crew were playing plenty of track’s featuring Marley on the vocals from both Raver Baby and Geos. Robbo was DJin for a majority of this set as he played ‘Connections’, ‘Live for the music’, ‘Won’t forget these days’ and ‘Power and the glory’. Marley was mcing on the stage feeling at home as he used to command this stage with Ramos during the old institute days when Pandemonium was here.

After the GEOS crew it was the turn of Uproar’s very own DJ Seduction, Seduction was joined by MC Storm on the mic. I really enjoyed this set plenty of upfront tunes from his Maximum Impact being played throughout, didn’t recognise too many. Storm was on his own, commanding the stage in here working with the crowd tearing the rook down in the Sanctuary.

Next up was DJ Styles along with Whizzkid MC, Really enjoyed this set from the Raver Baby DJ, plenty of uplifting and vocally track’s being played throughout. Styles played ‘Inspiration’ ‘Sound without a name’, ‘Bass X’. He also sneaked in Pendulum’s ‘Slam’ which sent the hardcore crowd crazy!!

Whizzkid was tremendous on this massive stage with his lyrics getting the ravers to join in and during this set he received a present from one of his fans a pair of Whizzkid socks! Styles continued to play ‘24-7’, ‘Jealous’, ‘Eye opener’ and finished off with ‘Electric’.

Next up was the pair from Essential Platinum Dougal and Gammer, who were joined by Uproars very own mc, MC Rude. This was another uplifting and vocally set lots of tunes from Essential platinum including ‘All the tears I’ve cried’, ‘Tell me story’ and ‘Through the darkness’. The crowd were enjoying their selection with many singing to the vocals Gammer and Dougal continued to play ‘Cry’, ‘Raveheart remix and ‘Never too late’.

Following on from the Essential Platinum duo was the turn of Evolutions Scott Brown. Scott played a remix of his old classic ‘Detonated’, ‘Ur my angel’ and ‘So about you’.
Wotsee was mcing for Scott Brown’s set keeping the crowd going in the early hours, in true Scott brown fashion he ended his set with some gabba dropping ‘Capital murder’ which sent this crowd insane!

Last set of the night came from DJ Sy, this set had a last minute change as Sy was joined by Seduction as the pair played back to back. The oldskool legends of hardcore were playing an upfront hardcore back to back set with Storm closing the night’s proceedings on the mic. Sy and Seduction played ‘U r my fantasy’, ‘I see the light’, ‘Set ur body free’ and ‘Keep on tryin’. Storm was having a scratch battle with SY on the decks, keeping the ravers bouncing for the remaining minutes of the night, Sy finished the night with ‘Sound without a name’.

Overall tonight was another great success for Uproar at the Sanctuary, having sold out with place being busy once again, firmly establishing themselves in Birmingham at the Sanctuary.

The atmosphere once again was second to none everyone up for an amazing time. The production from the Uproar team was outstanding using the Sanctuary to its full potential for the ravers visual delights. The décor, lighting as well the sound system was top notch and definitely setting a standard at events.

Massive Shouts to Seduction, Rude, the Uproar team, Storm, Whizzkid, Marley, Hixxy, Breeze, Styles, Sy, Vibes, Live-Lee, Wotsee, Dougal, Gammer, Cruze, Scott, Brown, Snypa, Tony Res, Ben and Katie, Marc Smith, Spenno, Zoë from the Fruit Club, Flyin and Charmy.

Big respects to Shaun, Ad, Caddy, Legs, Mat, Saz, Sallie, Lozzy, Lisa Jo, Joe from HTID, Lisa, Awren, Sara, Gaz, Scott Womble, Juicy, Rooney, Zara, Kelly, Kate, Mike, Olly Thumpa, Sawyer, Danny Smithers, Kurt, Joey Riot, Foggy, Turkish and Maggie, Phil Friction, Zane, John Buzz-b, Gillian, Gareth, Cruze, Dave, Wookie and Emma, Maz, Carrie, Sarah , Emma, Annabelle, Sketchy, Nick, James, Marky, Jacquie and Leanne, Kel, Andrea, John McGuiness Damo and Jim, Staci Sezzy Spencer, Izzy, Chris Roach, Allan, Kev Pikey and Laura, Nick Zero, Stu Gt, also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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