Make Some Noise
The Sanctuary
Saturday 21st July 2007

After the success of the past two parties held by Uproar at the Sanctuary, Uproar returned back to Birmingham and presented ‘Make some noise’. Tonight’s event featured a massive line-up spread across 4 arenas as opposed to 3, Uproar managed to have secured a fourth arena featuring the best new emerging talent from the UK Hardcore scene.

Arrived in Digbeth shortly before 11 and was greeted by a small queue, having received a short search from the security team, grabbed the set times for tonight and made my way straight to the main arena.

The main arena was rammed and Uproar dressed the Sanctuary head to toe with Uproar banners dotted around the sides of the arena, matched with an impressive lighting and laser system. There where two massive Uproar murals located either side of the DJ box and massive banner too.

Sharkey and Kutski where finishing up in here and was impressed with Kutski’s scratching throughout the remainder of the set. Wotsee was on rocking the packed out arena with his lyrics.

Next up was Essential Platinum very own DJ Dougal with MC Smiley, Dougal true to form played a very vocally euphoric set. Dougal opened up with a remix Paul Elstaks classic ‘Rainbow in the sky’, he carried onto playing ‘Hold me close tonight’, ‘Only you’ and ‘Count the hours’. Smiley kept the ravers bouncing with his lyrics as he was on stage throughout Dougal’s set.

Following on from Dougal was the award winning Darren Styles a great set from the Raver Baby DJ. Tune selection was spot on from Darren, he opened up with the remix of ‘Sunshine’ and continued to play ‘Believe’, ‘Sky diving’ remix and ‘Lost the plot’.

Uproar’s very own MC Rude greeted tonight’s crowd, Rude was on mic duty for Darren Styles set. Rude got the crowd bubbling with his lyrics, the main arena was rammed to capacity. Styles dropped Pendulum’s ‘Tarantula’ which sent the crowd wild. Darren carried onto playing ‘Cruising’, ‘Sure feels good’ before closing his set with ‘I’ll come running’.

Up next was Raver Baby’s DJ Breeze, Breeze continued where Styles had left off and continued to play ‘Rise again’ and ‘Gotta believe’ remix. I decided to venture to the oldskool room.

Arrived in the oldskool room and was expecting DJ Ramos on but instead DJ Robbo from the south coast GEOS crew was on with Marley on the mic duties. I was disappointed at first with Ramos not being here but I was extremely impressed by Robbo’s tune selection, which definitely made up for it.

Robbo played a quite a lot of belters without having to resort to a number of big anthems during the set. Robbo littered the set with numerous of my favourites from the 95-96’ as he dropped ‘Fuck my best friend’, ‘Age of stomp’, ‘All Over’ and ’95 style’ Marley was superb hyping up the crow with his lyrics as the oldskool master does best. Robbo finished his set with ‘Hold me now’ remix as he made way for the Rhythm station legend DJ Druid.

What an awesome set from the Rhythm Station legend he was joined by another legend from the south cost as MC Knight took to the mic. Druid opened the set with the timeless classic ‘Toy town’, Druid carried onto playing ‘Bonkers anthem’ and ‘U r Everything’. Druid took things a bit trancey as he dropped ‘Temporal rift’, ‘Rave station’ and ‘Terminator’.

MC Knight was superb throughout the set with his lyrics and ensured no-one was left standing still in the oldskool arena. Druid played ‘Body slam’, ‘Peoples party’, ‘Follow the sun’ for the remainder of his set before finishing off with ‘Rainbow islands’.

DJ’s Twista and Faydz followed on from Druid and they played a nu-skool breaks set which was enjoyed by the crowd. There was a number of remixes from some classic oldskool tracks being played such as ‘Bombscare’, ‘I feel the heat’, ‘Pretty green eyes’ and ‘Sweet dreams’. Faydz was showing off his scratching skills, Knight carried onto MC with Friction taking over very briefly whilst Knight caught his breath.

Back to the main arena and just in time for the legendary DJ Sy alongside MC Storm. What an awesome set this was from the legendary duo as they both rocked the crowd. Sy dropped plenty of dance floor slammers with tracks like ‘Angels’, ‘You’re shining’, ‘Caught up in your love’ and ‘Suck my …’

Storm entertained the crowd sending them into a frenxy with his lyrics, whilst complimenting Sy’s scratch with his own vocal scratch. Sy continued to play ‘See the light’ and ‘I’m hardcore and this is what I do’.

Next up was another legend from the south coast DJ Supreme who was playing alongside one of hottest new properties Raver Baby’s Squad-E. Fantastic set from the duo with a mix up of both their production work alongside other being showcased. Tracks such like ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘C u on the otherside’ and ’Sweetheart’ remix where being played.

Whizzkid MC rocked the crowd during this set as he hyped up the main arena with his lyrics and beatbox style, whilst interacting with the ravers. Squad-E and Supreme carried onto play a number of crowd stompers a very vocally selection with tracks such as ‘Come running’, ‘Faith’ remix, and ‘Open your eyes’.

Final set of the night came from Raver Baby’s very own Re-Con, Hixxy was billed to play side by side with Re-Con but unfortunately could not make it tonight due to falling ill. This was a superb set and was a high octane rollercoaster ride from the Liverpudlian. Lots of bouncy and vocally tracks being played as he dropped tracks like ‘Love Comes’, ‘Got a feeling’ remix, ‘Power of love’ and ‘Died Oh’ remix.

Storm ensured no-one was left standing still in the crowd for the final 60 minutes working the main stage from left to right, with his energetic style of hyping up the crowd. Re-Con continued to play ‘Piece of heaven’, ‘Blow me away’ and ‘Only you’ for the remainder of his set.

Security arrived on stage dead on 6am, but they were kind enough to allow Re-Con to play one last tune, Re-Con closed the evening with ‘Cruising’ a perfect way to finish off the evening.

Well another fantastic night from the Uproar crew even with the harsh weather conditions the ravers made it to Birmingham and partied the night away! As always the atmosphere was second to none as you can only expect at a hardcore rave.

The oldskool arena was rocking again and was very impressed by the sets in here particular from Druid and Robbo. Robbo filled in well for Ramos known for his upfront sets with Marley it would be definitely worth watching Robbo in the near future! Really enjoyed hearing Sy in the main arena, it’s been sometime since I seen him play out as he never made the journey to Llorett de mar, but definitely made up for it tonight!

There was a lot of talk tonight about Uproar’s next event in September as they will be heading up the road to the legendary Que Club, this is a historical venue that will be opening its doors once again. Uproar will be staging a 100% UK Hardcore line-up in the main arena for the first time ever!

Onwards and Upwards!!!

Massive shouts to Seduction, Rude and the Uproar Crew, Storm , Whizzkid, Darren Styles, Re-Con, Knighty, Marley, Druid, Sy, Smiley, Wotsee, Marc Smith, Breeze and Jo, Gammer and Birdy, Supreme, Joey Riot and Abbie, Robbo, Twista, Faydz, Force, Smooth, Squidge-B, Squad-E, Chris Henry, Tony Res, Alex Energy and Stacie, Ribbz, Scorpio, Uplift and Kaylene.

Big respects to Lisa Jo and Phil, Lisa, Hanna, Lozzy, Sarah, Arwen, Mat KoR, Smithy, Boo, John Buzz-B and Jen, Izzy, Sarah and Emma, Nick Xero and Fi, Kev Pikey, and Laura, Hannah, Rudeboy Rob, Annabelle Lucy, Savage, Damo, Kel, Mad Maz, John Sketchy, Kate, Kelly, Krisyy, Dave and Mark, Rob JPS, Gsus, Loopy Lin, Obie, Phil Friction, Emma, Checky, James and Charlie, Chris Mental, Mark Pleasure dome, Taha, Tess, Mel and Laura, Gillian, Gemma, Olly Thumpa, Tansy and Hiney, Mitch, Lo Ryda Marky, Astraboy, DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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