The Birthday Bash
Celebrating 3 years of Uproar Hardcore
Saturday 10th June 2006

Tonight Uproar celebrated their 3rd Birthday at the Sanctuary, Birmingham. Uproar is the brainchild of Seduction and MC Rude. Seduction’s no stranger to the promoting game having already promoted the very successful Hardcore Heaven and United Dance in their early years before it was handed over to new owners and with Rude co-promoting Swindon’s successful hardcore night Fruit Club, you know that you’re going to be in safe hands with the Uproar crew.

On the 13th June 2003 Seduction teamed up with MC Rude and presented the first Uproar event at the Brunel Rooms in Swindon, 3 years later and various venue changes including The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes, Emporium in Leicestershire including a visit to the colossal Nottingham arena. Uproar presented their 3rd Birthday Bash at their current home in Birmingham, at the Sanctuary.

Headed to Digbeth just before 10 and was there was a massive queue stretching round the perimeter of the Sanctuary. Plenty of eager Ravers to celebrate Uproar’s 3rd Birthday tonight, not only was tonight Uproars 3rd Birthday but earlier it was England’s first world cup match and having beat Paraguay earlier 1-0 there was something definitely to celebrate about tonight !!!

Many of the party people were dressed in red and white sporting there England shirts which all added to the atmosphere and something to talk about whilst queuing. The security on the door was tight but polite, asking ID from the ravers which unfortunately meant turning a number of people away without any ID.

I was greeted on the door by the Uproar team which included MC Rude who handed over tonight’s set times. Walked straight to the main arena and DJ Clodhopper had just finished up playing ‘Raise your hands’. The arena was rammed and there was still a massive queue outside, the one thing that hit you straight away was the heat.

The production was top notch from the Uproar team with inflatable spiky balls hanging from the ceiling with the whole of the balcony decorated and with massive Uproar banners on stage at the front of the arena. The lighting was top notch setting the mood with the lasers striking into the crowd.

Headed upstairs to the oldskool arena and DJ Faydz was on playing an oldskool set unfortunately the system wasn’t really up to scratch with the music coming out of the monitors as opposed from the main rig itself which was disappointing considering as Faydz was playing some wicked tunes.

Faydz played ‘Feel the heat’, ‘Brothers and sisters’,’ Deep in my soul’ and dropping in some tuff nu-skool breaks with remixes of ‘Everybody in the place’, and ‘No good’. There was no MC for his set or for this arena tonight as it was going to be mc free.

Back to the main arena and Raver Baby’s DJ Breeze was on with the mc duo of Storm and Whizzkid. Breeze was dropping plenty of party stoppers with the party in full swing Breeze played ‘Gonna take you high’, ‘I need you’,’ Dance’, ’My Direction’ and ‘I will be’.

Storm and Whizzkid were commanding this mighty stage mcing through this sweltering heat hyping up the crowd with their lyrics. Storm was worried bout the heat with many people drinking earlier for the England game prompting the ravers to make sure they drink plenty of water as you know tonight was going to be a scorcher and to stop the party people suffering from dehydration, as crowd safety is paramount to him.

Quosh’s DJ Unknown was on after the Raver Baby trio MC Rude arrived on stage to announce the Birthday celebrations and the crowd were littered in confetti and whilst he was throwing out freebies into the crowd. Unknown started the set with ‘Set your body free’. Rude was really in party spirits hyping up the crowd moving back and fourth on stage, Unknown continued to play ‘Wanna be free’ and ‘Let’s Fly’.

After Unknown it was time for the Quosh records PA featuring Lou Lou live on stage a Birthday treat from the Uproar crew. Lou Lou was singing and was joined by her dancers Sallie and Sarah. Lou Lou sang live ‘’U r my Phantasy’, ’Caught up in your love’ and finally finishing with ‘Making me wanna dance’. When Lou Lou sang ‘Makin me wanna’ dance the crowd went mad this was definitely one of last years biggest anthems!!

Seduction was on next playing a special 3 years of Uproar set with Whizzkid MC, Seduction played ‘Only ur love’. With the heat taking it’s toll I decided to cool off and retreated to the oldskool arena to cool down. The system was finally sorted in here compared to earlier.

Delerium’s DJs D-Ice and reality were playing an old 96-97 happy hardcore set in here throwing in a bit of ‘97 drum and bass to mix things up interesting stuff. They dropped ‘Broken wings’, ‘Toytown’, ‘Heart of gold’, ’2 Degrees’ and ‘Ready or not’. I was surprised they were on as Hardcore legend DJ Slipmatt was supposed to be on but nevertheless this was a good set from the duo.

Back to the main arena and the set of the night I was looking forward to featuring Raver baby’s Hixxy back to back with Darren Styles. Plenty of Raver Baby tunes being played by these two as they dropped ’I need you’, ‘Suck my …’, ’More and More’ and ’Whatever you want me to be’ a favourite tune of mine at the moment from Hixxy & Re-con.

Storm was on the mic and was doing an excellent job under the heat working up the crowd into euphoria. Hixxy and Styles continued to play ‘Save me’, ‘Love comes’ and ‘Fly away’.

Marc Smith and Wotsee were on next but decide to chill out and have wander around the venue during his set. The good thing with the Sanctuary you could chill in the main arena up in the balcony and watch the Ravers from a distance a magnificent view.

From one Scotsman into another as Evolutions Scott Brown was on next with Whizzkid MC. Scott played ‘Elysium’ remix, ‘Keep taking drugs’ and ‘So about you’ then in true Scott Brown form he finished the with some stomping gabba, which saw the crowd go crazy under this heat.

With it approaching near the end of the night I had noticed that the main arena had started to thin down a fair bit, as the balcony was emptying out though there was still a large number of ravers on the dance floor. Hardcore legend DJ Sy arrived with his partner in rhyme MC Storm, as they stepped up and finish the Birthday celebrations. Storm kept the crowd hyped up with Sy playing ‘I see the light’ and ‘sky diving’ remix to the remaining ravers on the dance floor who soldiered on for the last 60 minutes

Overall I had great night atmosphere and vibe from the ravers was excellent no trouble and everyone up for it. Everyone was in party spirit and I guess it helped with the England game being on earlier add that to the recipe and you know everyone is going to be wicked tip!

Production again was excellent as the main arena of the Sanctuary was dressed head to toe, just a shame bout the system in the oldskool room earlier in night but once that was sported the place was heaving. The only problem with the Sanctuary being an oldskool venue is the lack of air conditioning as tonight the heat was immense and it did fell like an oven. Fair enough as upstairs and along the balcony they had a number of windows and fire escapes open to allow ventilation into the building but you could still feel the heat.

There were some great sets from the DJ’s tonight but my favourite set of the night was probably Hixxy and Styles the tune selection was spot on and Storm’s mcing through out was amazing especially under this heat he totally looked unfazed by the temperature that the main arena was reaching.

Uproar have grown from strength to strength in such a short space of time over the years, but I guess when you have someone like Seduction behind the helm then you know with his experience and the success from United Dance and Hardcore Heaven in its early days Uproar would maintain this standard and some more. Having started at the Brunel rooms in Swindon moving to the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes and then to the Emporium in Coalville with a stop at the colossal Nottingham arena which was the biggest Hardcore event staged ever.

Now they’ve seem to have found home at the Sanctuary in Birmingham the production and line-ups at the events that uproar have staged here have been immense and totally transforming this venue from its former self.
Things can only get better!

Massive shouts to Seduction, Rude and the Uproar crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Hixxy, Styles, Breeze, Marc Smith, Unknown, Sy, Lou Lou, Faydz, Scott Brown, Wotsee Flyin and Charmy, Brookzy, Ribbz, Tony Res, Ben and Katie

Big respects to Lisa Jo and Phil, Sallie, Lozzy, Andy Legs, Mat Kor, Cat, Leanne, Saz, Danny Smithers, Caddy, Scott Womble, Roony and the Shrewsbury crew, Sarah, Annabelle and Emma, Abi and Claire, Dave, Wookie and Mark, Andy Farmin, Fierce Mike, Bonna, Marky, Hiney, Olly Thumpa, Tansy and Sawyer, Wayne Dizzyvibe, Compulsion, Sketchy, Kev Pikey, Uplift and Kaylene, Charlie and James, Zara, Kelly and Kate, Hatty, Ginger Jim, Nick RSI, Izzy, Vapour, Hardcore Hunny, Hardcore Paul, Dave the Rave, Astraboy and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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