Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.
I hope that there correct if not then mail me.

MC Livelee Lyrics

20 years ago they call it disco.
20 years later now its hardcore techno.
Were will be from 20 years from now?
Vibes and Livelee showing you how.

Like a wizard we mix up potion.
Get your body your body in motion.
One love, love and devotion.
Helter skelter yes you got devtion.

You got a whistle give a blow.
If you gotta horn then go go.
Want this dance ?
Dance with with me.
Your in tune with the Vibes and Livelee.

Music from the future , muisc from the past.
If you gotta whistle then give it a blast.

Never Judge a book by it's cover
Just remember that you're a raver.
You've got to read the hardcore chapter
To be part of the feel good factor.

Got a story a story to tell.
Got a job gotta do it well.
R to the A to the V to the E to the R
Hardcore raver that is what you are.

Gotta dream the sky is blue.
Gotta dream hope it aint absurd.
I wanna be free just free as a bird.
I wana dance wanna dance with you.
Helter skelter make ur dreams come true.

Under ground under ground ravers are we.
Ravers in to hardcore ecsatcy.
Under ground under ground ravers are we.
We just dance in unity.

I say hi you say hello.
I say yes you say no.
Isay whislte you just blow.
Helter skelter lose control.

Feelin on the dancefloor thats what were here for.
Sounds of the hardcore we go what will it do to me ?
Sounds of the ecstasy it better rush me up.
We go
Feelin on the dancefloor thats what were here for.
Sounds of the hardcore up we go what will it do to me ?
Sounds of the ecstasy it better rush me up.
We go
Future whats does it hold for us ?
Message is for Peace and love thats what were here for
We got a one a Vibes and Livelee kinda crazy we got the energy.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday thats the time to play.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Helter skelter this is time to play.

Who said hardcore, hardcore will die ?
As we watch the clouds as the clouds go by.
This is the Vibes and Livelee getin' you high.
I will be dancin till the day i'll die.
We are one big family i got all my brothers and sisters with me.
Dancin' together in unity we just dance on ecstacy.

Started in the year 1995.
With the sounds of Livelee and Vibes
To the year 19,1996'er.
Bada Bada DJ Vibes rockin on the mixer.
to the year 1997
Thats the year we went to hardcore heaven.
To the year 1998
Thats right up and down we celebrate.
To the year 1999
Thats right vibes got the mixin tight.
To the year year 2k
Thats right we take ou all the way.
To the year 2001
Whats that now here we come.

My name is mc livelee this what i do.
Makin hardcore lyrics just to entertain you.
Got the DJ Vibes standin next to me.
Now we gotta pick it up hardcore ecstacy.

Let your arms extend.
Listen to the message of love we send.
Listen to the music speak.
Feel the rush to the highest peak.

On a hardcore, a hardcore endevour.
Thats right we dance together.
Thats right in all kinds of weather.
We dance, we dance forever.

Valley too deep no mountain too high .
Vibes and Livelee just a lettin it by.
How high can we go when ur body lose control.
listen tothe hardcore techno vibes and livele rock the show.

Many different people many different race's.
Many different colours many different faces's.
Dancin' togther the hardcore revolution.
This is vibe and livele the perfect combination.