The Award winning DJ Andy C, alongside Ant Miles the duo released Origin Unknown and are responsible for one drum and bass's biggest tunes 'Valley of the shadows' having co-produced this timeless classic as a teenager!

Andy C went onto to producing monster tracks on the mighty Ram Recordings Label, having chart success with Body Rock.

Having not only great success in the studio Andy C has been crowned best DJ 3 times in a row at the Accelerated Culture Drum and Awards.

Andy C is one the most wanted in the drum and bass circuit booked up each and every weekend up and down the UK as well as abroad.

DJ Brisk

Brisk is one of hardcore's most prolific producers and technically one of the best DJ's. Brisk can be caught DJin home and aboard playing to the crowds of Asutralia as well as the UK.

Co - owning one of Hardcore's biggest label's Next Generation, with sister label Blatant beats.

Not only playing hardcore, but Brisk is making an impact along with fellow DJ Ham within the hardhouse scene, playing/producing under the Stimulant DJ's name.

Brisk has a regualr dj show on Galaxy FM

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DJ Breeze

DJ Breeze one of hardcore hardworking DJ's part of the Raver Baby collective.

DJ Breeze and Styles have won best producer category for the past 3 years at the Hardcore Heaven awards!

Producing monster hits with 'Slide away', 'Future set' and 'You re My angel'. The duo have had chart success with 'Your Shining' and 'Heartbeatz' reaching in the top 20 of the UK national charts.

JungleTechno has managed to interview DJ Breeze.
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Billy 'Daniel' Bunter

Billy Bunter has covered all aspects of the rave scene for the past 17 years.

During the end of 96 beginning of 97 he changed style using the GBT label to showcase his new material.

Billy owns Honey Pot records one of hard house's biggest labels.

Billy currently runs his own night Tasty in London at the mass featuring some of the biggest names in the hard house and hardcore scene.

Bryan Gee

Bryan Gee a household name within the Jungle scene, working alongside Jumping Jack Frost the pair formed V Records.

V recordings itself has produced some of Jungle drum and bass's massive anthems such as 'The Burial', 'it's Jazzy', 'Warhead' to name a few.

Other DJ's to have worked within the V camp include Bristol's infamous trio Roni Size, Krust and Die.

Other labels that have came from The V crew include: Philly Blunt, Movement,
Liquid V and Chronic.

DJ Brockie

DJ Brockie has ben djing since 1988 representing jungle since day one. It was in 1991 that he teamed up with friends to to establish the infamous Kool FM.

1997 saw Brockie teaming up with Ed solo to create Undiluted Recordings

Brockie has produced monster tracks such as 'Represent', Echo box', and 'Dangerous' which sell very well to this day!

Brockie has played all over the world taking himself and his MC, MC Det with him. Gaining him much award respect and a reputation he has become one of the biggest names in the scene.

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