RSR records

Ramos, Supreme and the Sunset Regime

Ramos and Supreme one of hardcore biggest producers during 93-97 molding and creating todays hardcore sound. Producing massive anthems such as 'Crowd control', 'The journey part 1', 'Sunshine' and 'Got to believe'.

Ramos and Supreme hail from Southampton the South Coast, home to a family of artist's within the scene Hixxy, Brisk, Druid along with MC's Ronnie G, Knight and Marley.

Ramos was accompanied by MC Marley and DJ Supreme found alongside MC Ronnie G. These DJ's would tearing dancefloors up and down the U.K during 95-97.

With numerous releases under their belts with RSR and other labels like, Hectic and Hecttech and various remixes.

In early 97 Ramos changed style and went more techno sound, carried on producing alongside Supreme with tunes like The Terminator, which was released on GBT.

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