A big crowd pleaser a raver himself Storm knows what the ravers want !
With his vocal scratching and his hyped up lyrics, with fast energy that keeps the ravers bouncing.

MC Storm is DJ SY's MC, with SY's scratching Storm definitely compliments it well with his vocal scratch.

Storm has hooked up with the Raver Baby crew wokring closly with DJ Hixxy. Lending his vocal talents to the label.

MC Storm, as voted by the RAVERS at the 2003,4,5,6 Hardcore Heaven Award's party, as voted Hardcore's number ONE mc !


In the past 5 years Whizzkid has worked extremely hard. Earning him great respect and an awesome reputation with the hardcore ravers.

Teaming up with Storm they have combined one of the best MC partnerships in the hardcore scene calling themselves MC²(squared)

Working closely with the Raver Baby crew whizzkid has featured on numerous track including 'Nightmare'.

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MC Wotsee

Teaming up with fellow welshman Dj Dogdee in 2000, the welsh duo made an impact within the hardcore scene, rewarding them with a booking at Compulsion, Manchester.

In early 2003 at Hardcore heaven Wotsee mc 'ed for Next Generation's dj Brisk. This was the set that learnt him his name. From here the bookings increased for wotsee as he was also signed to Next Generations record label.

In 2004 Wotsee won Breakthrough MC Award at the Hardcore Heaven Awards.


MC Marley part of the south coast crew mcing for many years rocking the crowds at Dreamscape, Helter Skelter Quest, Fusion at the Rythm Station alongside the DJ Ramos and the RSR crew.

In early 97 Ramos decided to change direction and went more on the Techno tip.

Marley was not to be heard but didn't hang up the microphone completly. In the summer of 2001 Marley returned to the stage and is noe very popular with the newer generation of ravers.

Marley tends to spend more time with in the studio working with GEOS. His voclas have featured on numerous Raver Baby tracks and also promoting his own night on the South coast Electrik.

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MC Smiley

MC Smiley a raver himself being a regular at Fusion in the Rhythm Station, Aldershot grew fond of the hardcore sound here.

I was here that Smiley got his first break MCing for DJ SY. Smiley went onto mc regularly at the Rhythm Station for events like Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven and Tazzmania.

Having a break from the scene Smiley returned and ventured into the Essential platinum studios to work alongside Dougal and Gammer. The trio went onto to produce 'Ordinary people' with Jenna doing the vocals to accompany Smiley's own lyrics.

Smiley's career has improved since being nominated for best MC at the Hardcore Heaven Awards in 2003.

Since his nomination in 2003 Smiley's booking has increased with him featured at events up and down the UK on a regularly basis.


Odyssey is the last of the true underground Mc’s from the old days to present and has changed the format and approach to Mc’ing.
Odyssey's free flowing rhyme patterns and emotionally charged lyrics have set a new standard.

For the freeform movement and his uncanny balance of wildness and discipline make him an interesting mc to watch.
Odyssey is also the pioneer of the quick scratch and Freeform’s number one dark side rider.

Live Lee

Blazing out his classic lyrics that each and raver knows.

R.A.V.E.R. Hardcore raver that is what you are!!

Part of the Vibes and Livelee show a wicked combination. Every raver know's Live Lee's Lyrics, which makes it special when hearing the crowd chanting alongside him.

Live Lee went into retirement after Helter Skelter's massive outdoor event Energy 97.

However Livelee did return back on the mic shortly after and in 2003 moved to sunny Spain. Livelee has returned back to the UK and once again temaed up with his old chum Vibes.

Charlie B

More of a freestyler than a lyricist as he does get the ravers bouncing.

Charlie B was Slipmatt's MC when Slipmatt was spinning hardcore, and was booked at virtually all the big raves helter-skelter, dreasmcape hardcore ehaven slammin vinly and many more pre-millenium.

Charlie B is still popular with the hardcore crowd, though he tends to be booked more at oldskool nights these days.

"Were's all the noise all the girls all the boys? "

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