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So i guess you've had enough, well here some links to other related websites.
Here are a some links to some usefull wesbites from the raving scene, if you'd like to
add a link to your site or visa versa then please do contact me cheers.
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Old Skool

Back to the Oldskool
Everything Starts With E
Oldskool Rave Index
Hardcore Will Never Die
The World of DJ-Rex
Old Skool Ardcore
Roach Material
Old Skool Forever
Gamma Funkula
Pirate Revival
Remaniss Radio


United States of Hardcore
Happy Hardcore. Com
UK Scene
Born Hardcore
Hardcore Revolution

Drum'N'Bass / Jungle

Drum'N'Bass Arena
Kool Live
Liquid Funk
London DnB
DnB Forum
Jungle Ravers
Planet DnB
Knowledge Magazine
Kunnin Mindz
Tormented Soulz
Dance Concept
District FM
DNB Space
DNB 4 Essex
Hard Step Sistaz
Origin FM
UK Bass Radio

General Raving Websites

DJ Discovery.com
Hard Step Sistaz
One Love Magazine
The H E Experience
Paradox Promotions
Klub Flyer
Studio7 Underground
Future Drumz Internet Radio
DJ Download
Major Movement
Zero Culture
Dont Stay In


Slammin' Vinyl
Broken Minds

Club Kinetic
Renegade Crew
Accelerated Culture
Hardcore Til I Die
Hardcore Heaven
Electrik Events
Die Hard
Amnesia House
True Hardcore
Random Concept
Club Retrobution
Grape Vinez
Extreme Overload

Tape Trading

Tapes Galore
Proper Oldskool

Record Stores

Flashback Vinyl Finder
BM Soho (Formerly Blackmarket Records)
Dirty Beats
12's Online
IMO Records
Classic Trax
Sound Bytes
Ultimate Dance Music
TapePack Superstore
Magic Feet
Nu-Urban Music


(Junglist Movement and many other T-Shirt's)
Roll Da Beats
(Online Jungle Database)
Future Freak
(Custom T-Shirt's)
Search Music Network
(Massive Online Music Directory)
The Urban Shop
(Online Urban Clothes Store)
Photographers Eye
(Party Pics from the Midlands area)
(Myspace profile page)
(Twitter 'N' Tweets)
(Instagram Pics)


Rat Pack
(Home of Lipmaster Mark and Evenson Allen)

DJ Breeze
(Raver Baby's DJ Breeze's Site)

Darren Styles
(Raver Baby's Darren Styles 's site)

Andy C
(Home to Ram's DJ Andy C)

Whizzkid MC
(Whizzkid MC's Website)

Stevie Hyper D
(Home of the Late + Great Stevie Hyper D)

Kenny Ken
(Home of Mix'n'Blen Kenny Ken)

Mask Hysteria
(Home of The Oldskool Legends Altern-8)

Nicky Blackmarket
(Nicky Blackmarket's Offical website)

(DJ SS'S Website)

DJ Vibes
(Home of the Ravers Choice - DJ Vibes)

DJ Hixxy
(Home of Raver Baby's DJ Hixxy)

DJ Seduction
(Home of the Oldskool Legend Seduction)

DJ Slipmatt
(Home of 'The God Father' Slipmatt)

DJ Wild Child
(Home of Kool London's and Fever resident DJ)

MC Bassman
(Home of the Shadow Demon)

MC Shortston
(Home of the New-Breed MC Shortston)

MC Eksman
(Home of the Award Winning MC Eksman)

The Vixens
(Home of Birmingham's very own Dance Troop)

MC Rude
(Home to Uproar's very own MC, MC Rude)

MC Smiley
(MC Smiley's very own website)

MC Wotsee
(Home to MC Wotsee)

DJ Clarkee
(Home of DJ Clarkee)

Daz Willott
(Home of the Stoke Legend)

DJ Twista
(DJ Twista + Graphic Designer website)

MC Navigator
(Home of MC Navigator )

(Home of the Rawhill's Navigator, $pyda, Ragga Twins etc...)

Narni Shakers
(Home of the Ultra Sexy Narni Shakers)

Lisa Marie Keegan
(Lisa Marie Vocalist/Songwriter)

(Chwhynny from RFU Recordingz)

(Up and Coming Drum and Bass Producer)

Record Labels

R&S Records
(Legendary Belgain Techno label)

Knite Force
(Legendry Breakbeat label from Luna-C)

Ram Records
(Home of Andy C, Shimon, Moving Fusion and the rest of the RAM Crew)

Next Generation Records
(Home of Brisk, Trixxy and the rest of the Next Generation Crew)

Quosh Records
(Home of Sy, Unknown and Storm)

True Playaz
(Home of Hype, Zinc and Pascal)

Digital Sound Boy
(Shy Fx's new label for 2005)

Evolution Records
(Home of Scotland's no1 Scott Brown)

Metal Headz
(Home to Goldie & Doc Scott)

Congo Natty
(Unoffical yet informative site about Congo Natty)

Ganja Records
(Ganja Records DJ Hypes very own Label)

Shut Up And Dance
(Shut Up and Dance an original label from the oldskool era)

Formation Records
(Home of Leicesters very own DJ SS)

Moving Shadow
(Orginal Oldskool label)

Hustlin Beats
(Canadian Record Label which features MC Fearless + more)

Bingo Beats
(Home to DJ Zinc)

Undiluted Recordings
(Home of DJ Brockie, Ed Solo)

Thin N Crispy recordings
(Home to Robbie Long, Stormtrooper, AMS + more)

Urban Takeover
(Home to Mickey Finn, Aphrodite and the rest of the Urban Takeover crew)

Mix & Blen'
(Home to Kenny Ken, Stingray and the rest of the Mix & Blen crew)

Dread Recordings
(Home of the Dark Soldier Ray Keith)

Suburban Base Records
(Oldskool London based record label)

Charge Recordings
(Home to Mampi Swift)

Rumour Records
(Massive label distrubuting the Oldskool Masters series plus many more)

(Home to Marcus Intalex)

Turbulence Hardcore Records
(Home to Ramos, Supreme and The Sunset Regime)

Essential Platinum Records
(Home of the legendry DJ Dougal)

The Headbangers
(Home to the cutterz choice label and london producer Rhythm Beater)

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