JungleTechno is a web site to cover the Hardcore, Oldskool and Drum and Bass / Jungle scene in the UK and Europe.

Included in JungleTechno are reviews from the raves that JungleTechno has attended along with photo's of the night too.

JungleTechno reviews have appeared on various web sites including USH.net, DJChrisAdams.co.uk, www.Niteclubbers.net and www.Koollive.co.uk.

A number of EXCLUSIVE reviews from JungleTechno have been featured in a few publications including -'The Raving eye'- a dedicated hardcore magazine.
Reviews appeared in :

Currently JungleTechno is writing for -'The Night Times'- a monthly newspaper based within the midlands concentrating on the underground music scene.
Reviews & Features include:

October 2006 saw the 4th annual Official Hardcore Awards, hosted by Hardcore Heaven at the massive WestFest event.
www.JungleTechno.co.uk was nominated for : BEST WEBSITE / MAGAZINE
Where it achieved 7th place in the voting.

In May 2006 www.Jungletechno.co.uk was nominated for BEST Web site category at the The Official Oldskool Awards 2006, in conjunction with Back to the Oldskool and Epidemik.com.
www.Jungletechno.co.uk was voted 3rd best Oldskool website.

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JungleTechno.co.uk photography has featured for the fourth coming album entitled, 'Jungle Techno', released on Nu-Urban records and available nationwide at all good records stores including HMV! Photos have been used not only for the album cover but also within the album sleeve too with pictures featuring both Jason Kaye and Mad P.

Jungle Techno is a 2xCD mixed live by Topbuzz fetauring both Jason Kaye and Mad P, with both cd's cover Jungle and Techno.
Album Cover can be viewed here.

In 2004 JungleTechno was featured in "Bounce Magazine", August 2004, an underground dance magazine based within the Stoke on Trent area.
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Have a read to what some the scene's top artist's (MC's, DJ's,Promoters etc..) have said about www.jungletechno.co.uk here.

Also included in Jungletechno are Profiles of some the DJ's and MC's with Pictures, MC lyrics and Interview's with various artists too.

A Little about me:

Favourite Oldskool DJ's:

Sy, Slipmatt and Lime, Ratpack, Glenn Aston, Pilgrim, Topbuzz (Mikee b and Jason Kaye) and Scratch 'n' Sniff

Favourite Hardcore DJ's:

"Scratchmaster" SY + Unknown, Brisk, Hixxy, Force and Styles, Vibes, Dougal, Breeze, Ramos and Supreme, Re-Con

Favourite Jungle / Drum and Bass DJ's:

Nicky Blackmarket, Hype, Kenny Ken, Ray Keith, Andy C, Mampi Swift, Bryan G, Randall, Mickey Finn and Friction.

Favourite Oldskool MC's:

Lenni, Mad P, Robbie Dee and Bassman

Favourite Hardcore MC's:

Storm, Whizzkid, Marley, Livelee and Knight

Favourite Jungle / Drum and Bass MC's:

Stevie Hyper (RIP), Fearless, GQ, Eksman, MC MC, Fatman D, IC3, Foxy,Trigga and Spyda

(A Massive respect to the other 100+ DJ's MC's and Artist's working hard in the scene, if I could add all my Favourites then we'd be here forever !!!)

Favourite MC Lyric:

"We've got morales for your mind, We've got this point to be made.
Im talkin bout the racist attitude in life today.
We can work it out so lets get together, black white yellow brown it don't matter.
Colours only skin deep whats it all about, I cant understand the attitude that people are giving out.
To hate race for how they dress or what they eat for food, its bang out of order its dam right rude!"
MC Storm

Favourite quote:

"Got any jungle ??
I got the Tarzan and Jane of Jungle just swung in on the vine.
I'm tellin ya this could turn hari Krishna into a Bad Bwoy ! "
Human Traffic
(The tune that is played in the records shop is Stalker by Aphrodite)

Past Favourite raves that I've been to:

Helter Skelter: 10th Birthday "Decadance" October 1999
Flashback: Summertime Back To Back Special June 2000
Flashback: 5th Birthday October 2001
Flashback: Xmas Mash Up December 2001
Gods Kitchen Global Gathering July 2002
Flashback: New Years Eve 2002
Slammin Vinyl: (Outdoor Experience) August 2003
Innovation Weekender: Barcelona June 2004
Hardcore Til I Die: Event 2: (History of Hardcore) July 2004
AWOL at Breakin Science: April 2005
Slammin Vinyl: WestFest October 2005
Hardcore Til I Die: Event 16: (The Summer Gathering) August 2006
Slammin Vinyl: NYE NEC New Years Eve 2006
Hardcore Til I Die: Event 23: (The Summer Gathering) August 2007
Metalheadz vs Valve / Break-Thru and Broken Minds August 2007
Bassman Bash 2008: Bassman Returns July 2008
Starlight Xmas Party December 2009

Maximum boost and respect to the following:
(In no particular order)

Mistress Mo & Jimmy (Flashback Crew) MC Lenni and MC Storm,
DJ SY, Justin and Satin @ Koollive, Glenn Aston, Nexus, Pilgrim,
Whizzkid MC, MC Fearless, DJ Brisk, Ben at 'Up The Cut Productions', Mad 'Patrick' P, MC Marley, MC Rude and Seduction at Uproar, Breeze and Styles, Nicky Blackmarket, MC Bassman, Presha, Hixxy, Garry K, Joe, Mark and Chris at HTID / Accelerated Culture/ Sidewinder, Grant and Micheal at Slammin' Vinyl, Ric Reaction, Dan B, Phase 2 at Breakthru / Broken Minds , Alex Energy & Stacie (Illusion crew), John at Desire, Zoe at Fruit Club, Lloyd, Ollie and Gavin at Innovation, Ramos + Supreme, Sunset Regime and MC Knight, DJ Unknown and Lou Lou, Re-Con, Marc Smith, MC Wotsee, MC Smiley, Odyssey, DJ Vibes and MC Livelee, Phil at Basement Records + Jason Kaye, MC Eksman, Raving Eye Magazine, The Night Times, DJ X, Gershwin, Walton, Paul Dawkes, Grant @ Epidemik, MC IC3, Twista, Faydz, MC Foxy, MC Fozz, MC Ranski, DJ G Child, Tim Ryan and Cautious, Shock C, Jez Colins and MC Shortston.

Enough shouts to all the ravers and close friends that have supported me through the years.
I'm trying to remember half your names here:

Matt aka 4-D / Tek Prime, Dan, Penn and Asha
(original Hall Green "Helter Skelter" Ravers)
Ed, Asha, Kris and Shak's (Rugby Crew).

Shauny C, Leanne, Wilson + Dazz (Uni Ravin crew), Zoe + Collete (Jungle Sisters), Charly, Chris A (For starting it all off), Chedda (an inspiration behind the reviews), Vicky and the Vixens, Rob Learner, Scotty + Dave, John Buzz-B, Faye, Wookie and Emma (Quadrasonic Crew), Damien + Emma B and Scott W (Jessop crew), *Lisa*, Daz Rampant, Cruze, Jon XLR-8, Lisa Jo and Phil, Ricky and Ajay, Mike and Dave Quavers @ Bornhardcore, Jim @ UKScene, Mr Bingham, Dancin Sallie, Sara, Emma and Lozzy, Andy Legs, Andy Immz (The Wet patters), Liam Protocol, Phil the Rave Anarok Noizee B, Merv, Olly Thumpa and of course my own family !

Plus to those for some strange reason know me but I don't know you !
I know there's plenty more people that I've missed out, So a shout out to you.
And a masisve big up to those the raving crew's who go out week in and out keeping the scene alive !

Nuff Respect due! 

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