Here are some interviews that I've exclusively managed to get on

Stepping into the JungleTechno hot seat for 2009 is veteran MC from Birmingham MC Ranski.

For those who don't know Ranski has been involved within the Midlands rave scene from its humble beginnings, working alongside MC Lenni at Pure Records whilst being resident MC at Pandemonium.

Ranski talks to Jungletechno as we welcome back pandemonium in 2009, ranski also reminisces back to his early raving days and talks about his involvement with the J-Tek movement fronted by Randall, Modular, Ratty & Tango to name a few.

March 2009

Back in the Jungle Techno hot seat is oldskool legend MC Lenni.

Lenni gives JungleTechno a lowdown of his past present and future.
MC Lenni's career spreads over 20 years having been involved with nearly every aspect of the rave scene not just as an MC, but as a DJ, to promoting his own night -'Starlight'- and Record store -'Pure Records-' also producing his own track on Roughtone Records.
Talking about what he has been up to including his involvement with the Legendary Q Club and Masters of the Past a new oldskool night to hit Birmingham.

August 2008

Warming the Jungle Techno hot seat is Birmingham's very own Award winning MC Bassman.

Bassman is a legend in his own right with his own unique style of mcin' that has gained him fans from accross the globe
He is regarded as -'The teacher'- and an inspiration to those in and out of the drum and bass circuit.
Bassman reminisces with JungleTechno the early days of his career, the memories and the partnerships that he has forged over the past 20 years.Bassman also talks ahead of his Birthday bash this summer an annual drum and bass event set in Birmingham.

June 2008

Stepping into the Jungle Techno hot seat for 2007 is the Award Winning Nicky Blackmarket.

Nicky Blackmarket a true soldier to the drum and bass movement, as Nicky can found entertaining the dancefloors up and down the UK every weekend as well as playing abroad.

Nicky is notoriously known for his oldskool jungle/drum and bass retro sets as well as his refreshing upfront selections.
When Nicky is not behind the decks on the weekend he can be found working hard behind the counter of BM Soho (formerly the world famous Blackmarket Records).

January 2007

Into the Jungle Techno hot seat is Flashback's very own Mistress Mo.

Mistress Mo is co-promoter and resident DJ of the legendary midlands Oldskool revival event Flashback. When she's not behind the wheels of steel playing Oldskool along with Drum and Bass, she can be found working hard behind the counter of Oldskool Daze in Birmingham.
Mistress Mo talks to JungleTechno about her involvement with Flashback along with its 10 years history, as we celebrate Flashback's 10th Birthday October 2006. Along with her own DJ career too, which spans back to 10 years and the running of oldskool Daze.

September 2006

Taking the Jungle Techno hotseat for 2006 is Raver Baby's DJ Breeze.

DJ Breeze is one half of Hardcore's most prolific producers of today, working alongside Raver Baby's DJ Styles.
Breeze and Styles have won best producer category for the past 3 years at the Hardcore Heaven awards!

Breeze talks about the success he and Styles have had with chart toppers such as You're Shining and Heartbeatz.
What was it like to work MC Storm on 'Dark Like Vader', and what it was like touring Australia with the Raver Baby crew.

March 2006

Interviews are like busses you wait ages for one and then suddenly two appear!
Next in the Jungle Techno hot seat is the 2003 & 2004 award winning mc, MC Fearless.

When you ask any Junglist their top 3 MC's, you know MC Fearless'es name is gonna be in that top 3!!
MC Fearless talks exclusively to JungleTechno about the fourth coming Innovation Weekender in Amsterdam.
How he got involved with Hustlin Beats and mcing for the final time at the Sanctuary, Milton Keynes.
Ever wanted to know what career path Fearless would of taken ??? Well read on !!!

October 2005

A Web *** Exclusive *** for the first time ever, since his return to the mic MAD P talks to Jungle Techno!

MAD Patrick P The Voice of Topbuzz and insipration to many mc's today.
MAD P talks about the early years of the rave scene on how he and Topbuzz teamed up many years ago.
Where his inspriation's and idea to his lyrics come from and how Living in Darkness came about.

October 2005

Up next in the Jungle Techno hot seat, is Next Generation Records very own DJ Brisk

DJ Brisk one of the most profilic producers in the hardcore scene and probably the most technical DJ Too.
Brisk responsible for one of the biggest hardcore anthems 'Eye opener', read about how this track came about.
As we dawn on the digital age Brisk talks about the MP3 revolution and also 'Final Scratch'

June 2005

Stepping up next in the Jungle Techno Hot seat is oldskool Legend DJ Pilgrim.

With a DJ carrer spanning over 14 years Pilgrim is one of the orginal DJ's from back in the day.
Hailing from the Midlands Wolverhampton, Pilgrim made his name gaining a residency at the legendry Quest.
Pilgrim chat's about playing at Fantazia Castle Donnigton, how he got involved in the rave scene.

March 2005

Another ***EXCLUSIVE*** interview for Jungle Techno is Ben Norman from 'Up the Cut' Productions.

Ben is responsible for not only filming, but also producing and directing many of the rave videos and DVD's from various events.
If you ever wanted to know what is involved into makin the DVD's for the rave well read here to found out.
Ben also talks about how he got into the scene and what inspired him into making rave DVD's.

January 2005

Well it's been along time since I last carried out an interview.
So stepping into the hot seat is Whizzkid MC.

Whizzkid talks about MCing at the last ever event at the Sanctuary.
Read how Whizzkid got into raving as he talks about his first raving experience back in '92.
Also did you know that Whizzkid was an extra for Eastenders and the Bill........

October 2004

Another **Exclusive** Interview for Jungle Techno the voice of Fruit Club and Uproar MC Rude.

Rude talks about how he hooked up with the Legendary DJ Seduction.
Read how Rude went about hosting the last ever Hardcore rave at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes,
also how Rude and Seduction have been hosting a competition to find a new Hardore MC.

June 2004

Next in the hot seat is New breed's very own MC Shortston.

Voted at the 2003 Accelerated Culture Awards (2003) as 2nd best Up and Coming MC.
Read on what Shortston has to say about how he came with his unique name.
As he talks about his future work in the studio with the New Breed collective,
not only D'n'B but also of the Hip hop variety too.

March 2004

Another **EXCLUSIVE** interview with one of the South Coasts finest mc's, MC MARLEY

A MC with a unique style with a career spanning ten years,MC'ing all over the UK at events including
Fusion, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl the Legendary Quest etc...
Read on what Marley has to say about his experiences at various nights, how it all started for him.
What actually happened when he took a break from 97 onwards.
Along with his personal thought's about the future of the hardcore scene.

February 2004

Firstly to grace the Jungle Techno hotseat, and an ***EXCLUSIVE*** interview with the Flashback resident MC, MC LENNI.

One of the orginal mc's from back in the day with a career spanning over 14 years and still going strong.
MC'ing not only in the U.K. but also around the world inclduing Japan.
Read on what Lenni has to say about the past, how he hooked up with the flashback crew,
and talks how his track "Who said MC's can't make Music"came about too.

October 2003

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