"Easy I like all the info you have got on your site.
Keep up the work !"
PJ (Shut Up And Dance)
"Big-up rude bwoy and all the Hall Green & Rugby ravers!!! Top site luv, keep up the good work!! See you all at the Que on New Year's Eve...
Mo x "
Mistress Mo (Flashback & Homegrown)
Steve here from D-lite & 2-Step.
Just been looking through your site , nice site nice reviews!
Keep up the good work and thanks for the big up's, much appreciated!"
Steve (D-Lite & 2-Step + Illusion)
"Yeah Yeah, like it. Keep it going, cos it's one of the better sites for that hard 2 get info on those hard 2 get trax. Big up from all the Production House Massive"
MC NINO (Baby D + Production House Records)
"Cool site! Just had a look in the dj profiles section and saw the pic of me. God I look fat in that pic. Had a bit more hair then though,ha ha! Peace,"
DJ Seduction (Uproar Maximum + Impact Recs )
"Have just checked the jungle techno website and i must say im quite impressed, great content and variety."
MC Marley (Fusion, GEOS and RSR )
"Quality site mate keep up the good work, Storm."
MC Storm (Number one Hardcore MC)
"Big up the Xtra-C, wicked site, always worth a look !
We will get you to Uproar one day !!!
Rude "
MC Rude (Uproar)
"M8, Respect for always putting your pics up, there all wicked, nice to see pics of the dj's istead of a bunch of randoms outside in the chill out area!
Goes out to you!!!"
Andy Havoc (Stimulation)
"Hello Mate, your site it is very good, my girlfriend often looks at it too. Come over and say hello when you're out and about next.
Thank you Shane"
DJ Vibes (Ravers Choice + Asylum Records)
"Top review again mate, was good to see you again."
(Tranz-Mission 06)
Glenn Aston (Raindance / FLASHBACK & KOOL FM MIDLANDS)
"Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for putting a link to my site!
I think you do a great job with your site i often check it read the reviews etc to keep updated on whats going on.
Thank you for the nice comments you have wrote about me in the past much appreciated!
Best wishes Lisa marie"
Lisa marie (Hardcore Vocalist / Songwriter)
"Love this site , wikked reviews, bang on the button each and every time.
MC Knight (Fusion, RSR and THC)
"Enjoyed reading the reveiw, picture's made it look better than it was.. big up (NYE NEC '06)"
Garry K (Accelerated Culture, Random Concept and Sidewinder)
"Hello Nitesh
Hope you are cool? Just read your review from the last random concept, am glad you had a good night. Me and Garry have put a lot of time and effort into the random concept nights and have taken a lot of risks, so just wanted to say thanks for writing some kind words as it sorta makes everything worth while. Keep doing your thing mate.
Big ups"
(Random Conpcept March 07)
MC Presha (Accelerated Culture, Random Concept and Sidewinder)
"Nice review rude boy see you loving off the micky finn set you right its a history lesson keep doing ya thing fam
(HTID 23 August 2007)
SPRUCE(Sidewinder, Random concept & HTIDCrew)
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