Cloud 9 & Breakthru
Bank Holiday Special Part one
Canal Club
Sunday 12th April 2009

Cloud 9 is one of the newest promotions showcasing the finest oldskool legends on a monthly basis in the West Midlands. Cloud 9 was established last summer and has been one of the most talked about oldskool revival events within the Midlands in recent times.

I have been meaning to check out Cloud 9 but something has always cropped but tonight this was not the case and finally headed up to Wolverhampton to see what the fuss was all about.

Wolverhampton is littered in rave folklore being home to Quest throughout the early 90’s where a number of the rave legends held residencies  foundation to there career with artists such as Grooverider, Carl Cox LTJ Bukem Topbuzz etc.. who all passed through the Black Country on a weekly basis.

Headed over to Wolverhampton which didn’t take too long as its a short Hop along the M6. Parking was rather easy as across the road from the Canal club is the shopper’s car park.

As we arrived shortly before 11 there wasn’t much of a big queue outside and after a swift search from the security we were in. Looks like that the Wolverhampton massive party out late as there wasn’t much people in here at the moment.

Cloud 9 resident Neil Hutchinson was finishing up in here a with an early house selection as he closed off with the timeless classic ‘Papa Nu guinea’  to make way for Breakthru’s very own DJ Reaction.

Reaction was playing a more 92 piano selection throwing in a number of classics such as ‘X-Treme theme’, ‘Keep the fires burning’, ‘Tell me why’ and ‘Can’t stop the rush’.  The dance floor was filling up nicely midway through the set at this point Quest and Wolverhampton legend Scarlet took to the mic and was given a warm welcome from the crowd. 

Reaction upped the tempo as he began to play ‘Music 4 da people’, ‘New direction’, ‘Further intrigue’ before finally finishing of with the Ramos and Supreme classic ‘The journey’

Following on from Reaction was Quest resident DJ Energy alongside MC Stixman. Energy flipped the switch with a more raga jungle selection opening up with ‘Jah sunshine’.  Energy continued this trend with tracks such as ‘Code red’, ‘Police in Helicopter’, ‘World mash up’ and ‘The license’

It’s been an absolute age since I’ve seen Stixman on a flyer was shortly after the millennium nearly ten years ago!  Stixman’s raga style was well suited for this set with as his energy and style complemented Energy’s selection.

Energy upped the years going into the drum and bass years with tracks such as ‘War for 94’, ‘Warhead’, ‘Trouble’, ‘P-Funk era’ as he made way for the jungle don Kenny Ken.

AWOL legend Kenny ‘Mix and Blen’ Ken took over the 1210’s and took the crowd through a journey of drum and bass. Kenny rewound the clock back to the Paradise club as he opened up with ‘Living in Darkness’, ‘Gonna be alright’ ‘Euphoria-Nino’s dream’ and ‘Work the box’

MC Moose brought the Fever inside the Canal club, with his rolling style whilst complimenting the mixes from Kenny Ken. Moose was on the radio mic walking around the front interacting with the crowd ensuring everyone was kept on there toes throughout.

Kenny turned up the heat as he brought down the house with his drum and bass selection with the likes of ‘Terrorists’, ‘Incredible’, ‘Runnins’,  ‘Dark soldier’ and ‘It’s the way VIP’

Next on the wheels of steal was Wolverhampton’s very own legend Pilgrim. Pilgrim continued where Kenny had left off with a jungle selection as he opened up with zinc’s remix of ‘Junglist’, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Taking over from Moose was Cloud 9’s very own Ranski who kept the vibes rolling inside here as the Canal Club was turning quickly into a sweat box. Pilgrim rolled out with ‘Raw dogs’ remix, ‘Valley of the shadows’ and ‘Stamina’.

After having quite a hectic Bank holiday weekend we decided to call it time and retreated back home!

Well what a night here at the Canal Club, Wolverhampton, the night was absolutely firing! The vibes were amazing a very mature crowd as the night is for over 25’s everyone was up for listening to good music reliving those Quest vibes in 2009.

The artists tonight put on a really good show really hyping up the crowd especially the DJ’s with there tune selection not going for the typical big anthems that tend to get played at most oldskool revival nights these days.

Massive shouts to Skitty, Spencer, Nolige, Hods and the Cloud 9 crew, Kenny Ken, Moose, Ranski, Pilgrim, Biggie, Stixman, Energy, Dangerous D, Reaction, Una,  Dan B, Benny, Shakk, Adam, Matt, Digital, Outrage, Dave silk, Brian BK, Shaun and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Nitesh JungleTechno / Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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