Hardcore Heaven
Custard Factory Complex
Saturday 14th March 2009

It's been an absolute age since Hardcore Heaven was last in Birmingham their last event was Hardstock at the Birmingham academy back in May 2006. Hardcore heaven touched down at the Custard Factory complex a venue which is now familiar with the Hardcore fraternity.

Hardcore Heaven took over the full Custard Factory Complex using not only the Rojac and Pool but a further 3 arenas brining 5 arenas of Hardcore madness. Tonight featured a who's who of hardcore as there was the best artists from the UK's underground Hard dance scene ranging from Hardcore, Hard Style, Hard Dance, Hardcore Techno and support from the rising stars in the Hardcore scene.

Headed down to the Custard Factory shortly after 10 and was greeted by a colossal queue that spanned right down Digbeth High Street. The queue was moving swiftly and after a throughout search from the security team we was on.

The Hardcore Heaven production team went to town as they transformed the Custard factory into an outdoor nocturnal raving village.

Headed straight over to the Rojac warehouse and was greeted the Notorious Sounds of Marc Smith. The production inside here was spectacular I really enjoy the Rojac as it brings back that warehouse vibe that has been missing since the loss of the Sanctuary Milton Keynes, as the layout inside here was quite similar to that.

The front of the arena had a massive stage set up with lots of hanging inflatable dotted around the ceiling. Each side of the stage was towered by an enormous set of speaker stacks which were booming all night in here, this was backed by a visual onslaught of LED walls, lighting and massive laser show that lit up the arena.

Marc Smith was laying down some hard and bouncy beats inside here as he played 'Tricky Disco', 'Turn up the music', along with a remix of Eminems 'Lose yourself'. MC Odyssey was on the mic warming up the crowd for tonight's 10 hour hardcore marathon.

Nicky Blackmarket was on inside the Rojac arena playing a drum and bass set was quite interesting as tonight crowd was strictly hardcore and well his set went down rather well. The Rojac stayed to capacity whilst Nicky laid down the slammers taking the crowd through a journey of drum and bass playing a more 97-2002 set.

Nicky Started off with 'Champion sound' and then rolled with 'Represent', 'Chopper', 'The nine' and 'Sound in motion'. With Keyes doing Seduction beforehand he proceeded to MC for Nicky Blacmkaret but was rather reluctant at first but into the swing of thing when he was later joined by Ortie and Friction.

Next set was one of the set' I was looking forward to Junkbox records very own Darren Styles. It's been an absolute age since I last seen Darren ( 6 months to be exact) and it was well worth the wait he got things rocking with a remix of Lucid 'I can't help myself', the reaction from the crowd was awesome!

Darren rocked the crowd with a very euphoric banging set as he played 'Sorry', 'Taken me higher', 'Dance' and '1,2,3,4'. Joining Darren was MC Storm who took full advantage of this massive stage hyping up the crowd from left to right as he ensured every one was jumping.

Darren continued to play 'Welcome to the club', 'Toca's miracle', 'Never too late' and a remix of The Verve's 'Bitter sweet symphony' before finally closing the night with a remix of the hardcore classic 'Higher ground'

With the crowd highly charged after this set who else to step up next no other than the Raver Baby head honcho DJ Hixxy. This was quite an interesting set as Hixxy started off the set with a more hardstyle vibe, but it wasn't too long before he flipped the switch with a number of hardcore belters including 'Overload', 'Love comes', 'Tricky Disco', 'Electric' and 'Free at Last'

Taking to the stage for the first half of this set was Whizzkid MC. Was good to hear him over the harder styles of Hardcore really working up the crowd with his lyrics and beatboxing to compliment.

For the latter half of the set Storm took over on the mic ensuring the crowd were kept electrified whilst Hixxy continued to lay the slammers. There were quite a lot tunes that Hixxy was playing that I've not heard in a very long time including 'More & more', 'The theme', 'I can't wait', 'Sacrifice' which went down a treat inside the Rojac before closing off with 'You're my angel'

After spending 5 hours inside the Rojac it was time to have a wonder around the outdoor complex whilst catching up with some friends. The outdoor area was also the chill out area with people taking seat on the side of the lake along with the numerous picnic benches dotted out here. The Slammin Vinyl merchandise stall was out here with packs from past events along with clothing and other bits of memorabilia at bargain prices.

Headed over to the Pool Marquee and DJ Gammer was on with Whizzkid MC. The pool was completely rammed with every single spot taken up, people were raving on the sides and around the marquee underneath the stars. Once again there was a massive stage with a massive lighting rig and laser that illuminated the marquee.

Gammer was showing off his mixing skills using the mixer to its full potential pulling off some quick fire mixes whilst working the crossfader! Tune selection from Gammer was spot on as he threw in a number of tracks from the Essential Platinum and Muffin labels dropping the likes of 'The Beach', 'Rokk ya body', 'Reach out', '1,2,3,4' and 'The game' which had the crowd bouncing throughout.

Whizzkid and Gammer are a good DJ and MC combination of recent times, the pair work well together. The duo have gained a big following over the past few years gaining a great reputation on the hardcore circuit making them firm crowd favourites. Whizzkid hyped up the crowd delivering his lyrics as he rocked the ravers inside the pool. Gammer continued to roll out with 'Doesn't Matter', 'Cut & recycle', 'Amigos' and finally ended his set with 'Feeling fine'

Twister Records Squad-E took over from Gammer and delivered a very euphoric uplifting set with plenty of vocal tracks being played including 'Every time we touch', 'Long Long way from home', ' Feel like I feel' and 'thousand Kisses'. 2007 Award winning breakthrough MC Static was up on the stage and working the crowd for the penultimate hour keeping the ravers in check.

Well it was that time 5 am which can only mean one thing the power hour from Sy & Storm and what a set this was! Sy delivered a hi-octane set for the final 60 minutes playing a wicked bouncy set. There was a number of new tunes fresh from the Quosh records camp including 'Pac-Man', 'Alabama', 'Don't wanna let you down', 'Digital lover', 'Just can't get enough'.

Storm rocked the party right till 6am hyping up the crowd with energetic style ensuring no-one was left standing still for the final hour. A lot of new lyrics were being showcased by storm alongside memorable classic lyrics which were recited by the ravers throughout as he rocked the crowd from left to right.

Sy flipped the switched as he dropped Johnny L's 'Back to your roots' which has become a favourite drum and bass track for the hardcore ravers. Sy was scratching and mixing into 6am with a number of crowd favourites including 'Passion', 'Dreadland' before closing the night with 'Show me the sunshine'

Well it's been a long wait since Hardcore Heaven last visited Birmingham and it was well worth it. The whole Cusatrd Factory complex was busy all night in the various arenas particularly the Rojac and Pool marquee. A great turnout from the hardcore crowd especially as were in the middle of a recession plus there is quite a lot of events going on too.

The atmosphere and vibes were awesome great friendly up for it hardcore crowd in attendance with the event being trouble free. There was a police presence here but they were here to ensure that the event ran smoothly and deter any would be trouble as the ravers safety is paramount. As expected at any hardcore event the production was 2nd to none very impressed particularly by the LED wall and lasers within the Rojac.

There were a number of fantastic sets being played really particularly enjoyed mainly Darren Styles's set, lots of fresh new tracks being showcased by him complimented by the energetic performance of MC Storm. Gammer and Whizzkid was another favourite of mine a very fast paced energetic set by the Muffin man the pair never fail to disappoint!

The event itself was a great success for a first time visit in here from Hardcore Heaven, fingers crossed we don't have to wait over 3 years for the next visit!

Big shouts to Grant, Michael, Darren and the Slammin Crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Hixxy, Knighty, Sy, Darren Styles, Breeze, Supreme, Casper, Nicky Blackmarket, Brisk, Chris Unknown, Marc Smith, Gammer, Squad-E, Dougal, Lisa Marie, Seduction, Rude, Jade & Vizzy, Wotsee, Enemy, Static & Vicki, Ribbz, Scorpio, The Doctor, Orite, Friction, Keyes, Scar & Steve Uplift

Massive Respects to Andy Legs, Chelsea, Mat KoTR, Nick Xero, Joe, Foggy, Katie, Gemma, Smithy, Skatty, Brian BK, Jon Brown, Dave the rave, Andy, Hardcore Mark, Clodhopper, Obie, Laura, Rachel, Kate Roxie, Emma, Chris Mental, Taha, Mad Maz, Nikkita, Andy from Birkenhead, Mitch & Gemma, Nelza, Psychosis, Tristian, Fluffstar, Tessa, John G, Ronni, Stella, Adam Lee, Vizor and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Nitesh JungleTechno / Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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