Andromeda ‘Through the Years’
Rainbow Warehouse
Saturday 21st March 2009

Pandemonium one of the original promoters from the midlands returns back to present Andromeda ‘Through the years’. Pandemonium held numerous parties in the midlands throughout the early 90’s including Telford Ice Rink – Donnington Race track & The Institute to name a few.

The Rainbow Warehouse was the setting for Pandemonium’s return brining that oldskool vibe from the yesteryear inside the warehouse added with an all star line-up featuring many of the pioneers of the rave scene from the early 90’s.

Headed into Digbeth shortly before 11 and was greeted by a fast moving queue outside Adderly Street.  You could hear the bass pumping out here, queuing didn’t take no time at all after a brief search from the security team we were inside the venue.

Headed straight into the Warehouse and was greeted by the sounds of hardcore legend DJ SY. The warehouse was filling up nicely seeing as the venue had opened it doors less than an hour ago.

The Warehouse had been dressed up as there were numerous drapes and murals on the walls. The dj box was situated at the front of the arena, the DJ box was illuminated in star cloth, whilst the oldskool green laser lit up the entire arena throughout the night.

Sy was playing a 92-93 classic set throwing a number of gems in for good measure including ‘Music 4 da people’, ‘Ganja Man’, ‘Sweet Harmony’, ‘Gonna be alrite’ and the timelsess classic from Candi Stanton – ‘You got the love’.  Robbie Dee was on the mic duties hyping up the eager crowd inside the warehouse.

Up next was Simon Bassline Smith who carried on from where SY had left off. Simon went on a journey starting off with the monster anthem from Moving Shadow - ‘Music takes you’.

Robbie Dee continued to do the mic duties rocking the ravers with his unique style as the warehouse started to fill up nicely,  Robbie was later joined by Ranski. Simon continued to drop ‘Beyond Control’, ‘40 miles’ as he flipped the switch with a jungle selection consisting of ‘Helicopter’, ‘Renegade Snares’ and ‘Droppin Science’ before closing off with ‘Mr Kirks Nightmare’

Jumping Jack Frost was due on next but was running slightly late, Pandemonium resident Pilgrim took to the helm briefly. No sooner had Pilgrim played a record better late than never Jumping Jack Frost arrived.

This was quite an interesting set from Jack Frost a he went through the spectrum of rave music from acid house to early jungle drum and bass. As he kicked things off with the Prodigy’s ‘Your love’ and then proceeded to play ‘Mentasm’, ‘Energy Flash’, ‘French Kiss’ and ‘Gypsy woman’. Ranski took over from Robbie Dee as he was keeping the crowd bubbling. There were quite a number of technical difficulties during this set as the decks decided to start jumping with the ravers. Jack frost flipped the switch with a jungle selection including ‘ The Burial’ and ‘R-Type’

Pilgrim took over with a more 93 selection as he rolled out with ‘Vertigo’, ‘Atmosphere’, ‘ Lets go’, ‘Night people’ and ‘Bad man war in 94’.  Lenni joined Ranski on the stage briefly and got the Pandemonium ravers rocking. With Jack Frost turning up late Pilgrim’s set was short lived as Topbuzz entered the building.

The Jungle Techno kings took to the stage and were given a warm reception inside the warehouse. Jason stepped up with tunage from the ’92 era as playing tracks such as ‘Playing with knives’, ‘Kiss the Sky’, ‘Android’ and ‘Sounds of eden’

Patrick was immense throughout the set and captivated the crowd with his lyrics with there being a very mature crowd tonight there were plenty of ravers who were reciting his lyrics back to him. Jason continued to play ‘Visions of rage’, ‘Sweet harmony’ and ‘Anastasia’ before closing off with the Topbuzz anthem ‘Living in darkness’

Stepping up next were three very familiar faces with the Pandemonium crew, old and new Micky Finn with Birmingham’s oldskool legends MC’s Lenni and Bassman.
Micky took the crowd on a drum and bass journey as he started off with ‘Renegade and moved onto ‘Set it’, ‘Ready or Not’, ‘Warhead’ and ‘You can run’.

Bassman and Lenni hyped up the crowd with there lyrics whilst complimenting each other on the mic. Micky stepped up the years as he began to play ‘Reach out’, ‘Peace love and unity’, ‘Trust me’.  When Micky dropped ‘Bass 2 dark’ the warehouse exploded with the ravers giving the one finger salute in appreciation.

After this set it was the turn of the lords of the darkside aka Tango and Ratty featuring the surprise guest of Man Paris.  Ratty and Tango who are part of the new J-Tek movement where featuring plenty of this nu-style of music within there set whilst mixing it up with a number of rumblers.

Man Parris was joined by MC’s Energy and Ranski throughout the set whilst Tango and Ratty played ‘Another Direction’, ‘Music Box’, ‘Cold Feeling’ ‘Drummer of doom’ and ‘We R IE’ J-Tek remix.

Closing the night was the hardcore godfather DJ Slipmatt what a way to close the night from the legend. Slipmatt was playing a rave breaks set lots of uplifting tunes to keep the crowd going for the final 60 minutes. There were numerous remixes of classic rave tracks including ‘Tribal Bass’, ‘Dj’s Take control’, ‘Break of dawn’ and ‘Hurt you So’.

The crowd had thinned out by especially this being the final hour but Slipmatt provided the feel good tunes that kept the stamina massive rocking into the early hours of Sunday morning as he continued to play ‘Way in my brain’, ‘Let me be your fantasy’, ‘On a raga tip’ before closing off with ‘Hear me’

Well what a return Pandemonium made tonight returning back to Birmingham after all these years as they rammed out the Rainbow Warehouse. As not only was the warehouse busy all night but also the garden space where they were playing house classics.

Was a shame that Sy was on so early but with him being on other side of the country tonight. I did feel that the line-up was missing some of the pioneers from the ’94 breakbeat era from former Pandemonium residents such as Ramos and Dougal who would cater for that happy bouncy sound bringing a bit of diversity to the line-up.

The only real qualm of the night was the sound system and set up as at one point the decks where bouncing in time with the music but I have been assured that there will be a new rig fitted inside the Rainbow in the coming weeks.

I enjoyed quite a number of good sets that I enjoyed throughout the night the last part of Sy’s set and Slipmatt’s final hour of feel good tunes it might have been the typical anthems from the yesteryear but it was what the crowd needed for the final 60 minutes.

There was a very mature crowd here tonight lots of familiar faces that I remembered from Flashback too. The atmosphere was spot on as everyone was out for a good time and to enjoy themselves whilst listening to good music from the yesteryear.

Shouts to Paul Dawkes and the Pandemonium crew, Pilgrim, Lenni, Sy, Ranski, Patrick, Bassman, Slipmatt, Micky Finn, Ratty, Vicki, Glen Aston and Luke, Bassline Smith, Ratty, Tango, Man Parris, Alex Energy & Stacie, Nick X, Dan B, Alpha, Shakk, Gemma and Nikki (Happy Birthday), Sara Fallen Angel, Walton,  Justify, Hutcha, Stringa, Claire and Dave Silk, Jaytee, Zoe, G-Child,  Munkeh, Benny, Long John, Shakka, Cybergroove and Sam, Dave the Rave, Mark, Astro, Chrissy and the RBC crew, Strawberries,  Rodney, Womble and Juicy,  Jinks, Alice, Aries,  Suburban Sound James, Brian BK and Shaun, Benz, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Nitesh JungleTechno / Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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