Raver Baby Event 12
Friday 30th January 2009
Air Superclub

To kick things off for 2009 Raver Baby touched down at Air Superclub, Birmingham as they presented Event 12. Air is familiar to the hardcore fraternity being the original home of the infamous HTID having hosted numerous sell out parties over the years.

As expected with any Raver Baby line-up there were the very best artists from the scene with the introduction of the Raver Baby Academy giving the chance for the up and coming stars a chance to shine.

Headed down to Digbeth and met up with a few friend for a pre party drink before headed down to Air. We walked down to Air and was greeted with a queue that spanned round the entire building, the queue was moving swiftly with the Raver Baby staff ensuring the ravers were getting in promptly.

Radio One's Kutski was on tonight and he was dropping a very hard and bouncy selection to ensure everyone was ready for tonights 8 hour hardcore marathon. They were numerous inflatables and banners that were dotted around the venue along with a number of visuals including the massive projector screens situated up in the dj box.

Was enjoying the latter end of Kutski's set there was lot sof scratching from him whilst he was dropping a number of my bouncy techno favourites from 95-97. These included 'Jiiieeehaaa', 'Burning love', 'Don't leave me alone' before closing off with '6 Days'.

11 o'clock arrived and the main arena was rammed that meant one thing only it was the kick off set featuring Hixxy and Gammer. Whizzkid MC accompanied the pair for the 60minute hardcore onslaught.

Hixxy opened up with 'Brother (guiding light)' the pair were playing a very uplifting and hard as they continued to play 'Toca's miracle', 'Rippin', 'Welcome to the club', '1,2,3,4' and' Reach out'.

Whizzkid was took full control of the crowd tonight making full advantage of the stage that he's familiar with. Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd with lyrics whilst getting the crowd involved.

Hixxy and Gammer flipped the switch with little drum and bass as they payed TC's 'Flatline'. Hixxy dropped 'Taking me higher' remix the original reminded of the very first HTID back in May 2004 good times! Hixxy and gammer continued to play 'face in the crowd', 'Living in a Dream' and 'To the moon and back' before finishing off with 'Sure feels good'

Back downstairs and Raver Baby's Squad-E and MC Storm were on this was one of the sets I was looking forward to tonight. Squad-E had the crowd rocking with Storm inside Air 'Why does my heart?', 'Tricky Disco', 'I wanna touch you' and 'Doesn't matter'

Storm was on fire tonight as he had the crowd in full control and hyped up throughout this set from Squad-E. Storm was showcasing a number of new lyrics from him which went down really well with the crowd.

Squad-E continued to showcase a lot of his own production work as he played 'Feel like I feel', 'Beat Drop', 'Show me the way', 'Long long way from home' for the remainder of his set and finally finishing off with 'Untouchable'

Upstairs in the Carbon lounge was the Raver Baby academy this arena was dedicated to the rising stars on the hardcore circuit. Paul EP, Smithy and MC Skatty were on in here representing the South Coast. The pair have been causing waves in the hardcore scen,e as of late with their own production work which has been remixed by Hixxy and appeared on the latest Clubland Hardcore Xtreme album.

Back downstairs and Seduction was on with two of the new rising stars on the hardcore circuit MC's Static & Enemy. Seduction was playing a very bouncy set with tracks such as 'Shake your body', 'Don't stop' and 'You're never gonna know'.

There was plenty of crowd interaction from Static and enemy as they got the crowd involved whilst sparring off each others lyrics whilst having an mc battle on stage. I think there was a moment when either pair stood still, very energetic mcing from the pair to say the least.

Just before the last hour I took this time to chill out and have break outside away from the madness going on inside Air. As usual there was the free funfair rides situated out in the car park along with the heated marquee come merchandise stall with plenty of January bargains on sale too.

5 o'clock approached as we entered the power hour featuring the Quosh crew Sy, Unknown and MC Storm. Sy and Unknown got the ball rolling opening up with 'Pacific Sun' and proceeded to play 'Passion', 'Suck my …', 'Caught up in your love' and 'Cry for you'.

The Quosh duo was having a scratch battle with MC Storm throughout the 60minute power hour. Storm was complimenting there scratching with his own vocal scratching. Storm ensured that no-one was left standing still as he had the ravers boucing throughout this final hour.

Sy and Unknown continued to play 'Report to the bassline', 'Show me the sunshine', 'Only your love', 'Set you free' into the early hours of Saturday morning before closing the night off with the new Quosh release 'Digital lover'.

What way for Raver Baby to kick things off in 2009 hardcore calendar setting the trend for the rest of the year. Each of the arena's tonight was rather busy particularly the main arena as it was hard to try and find a free spot in here for most of the night especially when Hixxy and Gammer where on.

Great sets being played particularly enjoyed seeing Hixxy and Gammer as its been an absolute ages since I seen the head honcho of Raver Baby and it was well worth the wait, also impressed with Squad-E playing a lot of his own material in his set.. What stood out for me most of the night was MC Storm bringing a load of fresh lyrics tonight which went down a treat with the ravers.

Atmosphere throughout the night was spot on as you could only find at a hardcore rave. A trouble free night down at air with very friendly and up for it crowd.

Shouts to Hixxy, Joe, Mark & Chris Lambert and the HTID crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Knight, Sy & Unknown, Squad-E, Marc Smith, Static & Enemy, Scorpio, Wotsee, Seduction, Joey Riot, Foggy, Sharky, Odyssey and Kev Energy.

Big respects to Shaun & Jules, Sallie, Lozzy, Sarah, Nikki, Katie, Foggy, Smithy, Paul Ep, Skatty, Friction, Ortie and Nikkita, Andy Brown, Becky, Gemma and Mitch, Tessa, Emma, Chris Mental, Saz and Alanna, JBC, Brain BK, Clair, Ripper, Lana, Nelza, Psycosis, Stella, Savage, Andy from Birkenhead, Charlie & James and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Nitesh JungleTechno / Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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