Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.
MC Stevie Hyper D Lyrics
Wise words from Stevie Hyper D

This one's goin out to each and everbody in the place
bigin' up thier chest screwing up their face
listening to the hip hop jungle drumnbass
if wanna you get hype come and take a taste
time is going quick and there's no time to waste
certain badbwoys come into raves to misbehave
abusing drugs pulling out guns and blades
and thats no way to play
time to represent the intelligent way
you see your enemy you do it in another day
stop using the weak as easy prey
you gonna get your karma when your old and grey.
listen to what i wanna say if you see this music to stay
so peace love and u.n.i.t.y
there's someinthin' you can say
drum and bass jungle will never die
To all the guys and girls that like to drink and get high
They want the best deals that money can buy
Once again we don't need the punks spoilin up the vibe
don't matter what colour and size time to reconise
As i come with that concious ryhme to stick in your mind
All we need is UNITED vibes !

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