Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Rude Lyrics
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I go out to my party and I pop my prescription
I do it now & then it's not like its an addiction
Yeah I get real high I have the time of my life
forgetting all my troubles just don't care about strife
I get back from the party, have a smoke with my mate
I sit down look around, look at him he's a state !
This life is like a dream, I hope it never ends
Coz I wanna be a raver every hour god sends !

I gotta message for the haters who said Hardcore was dead
Look at all these ravers, remember what you said ?
Musical snobs, move from one style to another
Hardcore f*cking ravers are together forever
You can write what you like, we don't care what you say
Hardcore music's what we want, each & every day
So if you see these people look at you down their nose
Just tell 'em Hardcore's where it's at, what the f*ck do they know !

When you feel sad and alone, ain’t got nowhere to go
If life gets you down, your face turns to a frown
Here’s a tip that I know, that will make your soul glow
Grab a tape from the pack, Sit back & relax
Turn it up, nice & loud, be hardcore be proud
Coz this music will release, all the pain it will ease
The feeling comes from inside, it will fill you with pride
So just hear what I say, Hardcore’s the only way !!

10 years on, Hardcore still coming on strong
Mixmag said "Hardcore's dead"
what the f*ck were they on ?
Coz it's better than ever, Hardcore crew still together
United as one, yeah we're still having fun
So don't look back, forward ever, backward never
Coz we are gonna endeavour, to be together forever !
We'll be together forever, MC Rude, All the Hardcore ravers

Hello & welcome to the rave of your life
So come on, get on the floor, Let's do it tonight
Laser lights shining high, Right up to the sky
Speakers stacked to the ceiling, Bassline pumps, what a feeling !
Now is the time to dance, like never before
Glow sticks high, whistles blow, Yeah you know the score
Look around see the smiles,They just go back for miles
I'm in my hardcore Zone, I never wanna go home

Laid on may back on a dark summers night
Stars up in the sky & their shining so bright
Dream of the girl that I love, as i stare up above
Never felt this before, I adore her want more
She makes me feel special, I feel so complete
From her hair to her eyes to her face she's so sweet
Perfect in every way, my skys will never go grey
She's the one that i love, I just can't get enough !

What does it take to be a Hardcore MC ?
Passion for ravin, originality,
You gotta kick it with the lyric,
you got to party with the best,
you can't be standing still,
Coz their ain't no time to rest !!

Listen up now, this is fact not fiction
when you get into hardcore, it's like an addiction
Always thinking of it, it's always on my mind
It's like a way of life, within it's happiness I find
I just can't help it, it's draws me in
I step up on the dancefloor & let the rush begin
Keep dancing all night, ain't never gonna stop
Dj keep it going, let the beat drop, beat drop !

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