Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.
MC Storm Lyrics
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We've got morales for your mind
We've got this point to be made
im talkin bout the racist attitude in life today
we can work it out so lets get together
black white yellow brown it dont matter
colours only skin deep whats it all about
i cant understand the attitude that people are giving out
to hate race for how they dress or what they eat for food
its bang out of order its dam right rude.

Yeah storms got attutiude, if you live my life you'll love me to.
I got respect for the raving crew, if you dont repsect me then fuck you !
Im on target i never miss, have you any idea how hard it is ?
Drop a dis take the piss, this brown ass you better kiss !

I'm A futuristic entertainer
On the stage is my arena
The mic in my hand is my light saber
I'm good like Luke but Dark like Vader
Kickin' light speed for the wicked ravers
24-7 I'm the games true player
A realist with a view to the future
With a fly ryhme with the bassline through the speaker.

when I lock and load I roll like a tremor
Kickin one zero on the richter
Put S on my chest I'm feelin Super
I can see right through ya
If you feel it to you gotta let me know
yeah you know how it goes
we say oh no here we here we go o o o.

Well i dont belive in failure you can do it if you try
You got to get your act together and set your standards high
and if at first you dont suceed then have another go
Remember whats lifes about you reap what u sow
Always play out to win be a good loser
Lifes full of chances there another round the corner
Be good to yourself its you inside
Theres no were to run theres no were to hide

Why oh why cant you just accept it ??
Im a raver not fucking Drug addict
Yeah thats right i go to raves coz i really like it.
Leave me alone its my life i think its sorted.
I'm just a bassline line addict.
I'm a hardcore manic.

Bass Fire time to take you higher
Time to come on strong inside as we get on down with the ravers
Bass fire time to lose control whistle blow for the sy-co.

When you know were to go when life's kinda slow
You gotta hit raves and let your body lose control
Release the tension and the pressure inside rock with storm roll with sy.

This is going out to the true hardcore ravers out there
The ones with yellow jackets, glowsticks in the air.
So if you got a whiste round your neck or a horn in your hand
put it to your mouth come with it my man.
Idont care where you come from if your rich or your poor
You leave that shit behind you when you walk through the door
We've got to rave together thats a wicked attitiude
Were dedicated ravers rockin' under the same roof

We dont care if your black or white
Were colour blind we dont stereotype
We dont care if your rich or poor
Where you live, where your born
If you drive a car or you take the bus
All that shit dont matter to us
We dont care bout the colour of your hair
Whether your straight or whether your queer.

Be true to me and then youll see, Im talkin bout life for eternity.
Ill be your man if you'll be my baby, i need ur body u drive me crazy.
Please let me share your life, theres no-one else i need but you,
you turn my cloudy skys to blue.
Your loves so fine, you blow my mind,
You pick me up when im down,you make me smile when i frown.
And if it doesnt go my way, then im gonna have to say,
i cant live this way, now now baby.

In this big bad world you dont get something for nothing
in this world of paranoia people always back stabbin'
think your one step ahead, uh huh your two steps behind
livin' in a rat race nearly going out ur mind.

They say the futures so bright you know you gotta wear shades
sometimes all i can see is a dark cloudy haze
i'm a slave to the system with a smile on my face
work my fingers to the bone from the cradle to the grave

I got the mic and i got a big voice
You cant get away from me you aint got not no choice
im in your face or your stereo
turn me up turn me down the options yours
im fully aware and big enough to see
im not everybodys cup of tea
but right about now i play for the masses
so the minority can kiss my ass
im tired of seein my name on the internet
gettin dissed for this gettin dissed for that
its all bullshit all this tit for tat
puttin me down to big up yourself
tryin to take away from me what i stand for
i stand for ravers and i stand for hardcore
but im not gonna stand for this shit no more
uh uh, no way, not me, not storm

why do you find it in your heart
to allways tear me apart
startin all these posts about me
talkin about me like you really know me
who do you really think you are
and why do you hate so much
you know i just cant understand what ya problem is
apart from the fact your just a prick
so fuck you i dont really care
ive gone past lookin at your words
your just a geek an internet freak
behind your screen in cyber city
so keep typin out your posts
im used to it now whatever comes
ya see ravers will always talk about me
storms ledgendary your not even a memory

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