Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

ODYSSEY lyrics
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Dreamed of the mic
Before I had this burning passion,
Stories I trap em
2 understand
How they work & happen,
Lyracist I got this gift
2 clench a story in my fist,
Pencil paper & a spliff
Is how I write 2 the riff,
You can be quick
2 diss alot of shit,
Get angry & throw a fit
Cause I rock like this,
Ur ur im a legend
dont give a fuck what ya rekon
I use my words as a weapon
As a threaten!

Im the rhyme creator
Trapped in the magic of mother nature
On a musical mission
In a wicked position,
So come & ride the rhythm
With the fruit that is forbiden,
Like a
Secret religion
Always there but hidden!

Im a daydreamer
Im so sleepless at nights
Its like im scared 2 go asleep
because my dreams run deep,
But its my dreams I seek
2 keep me stronger
When im weak,
So in the back of my mind
I got these mountains 2 climb,
I write rhymes 2 unwind
2 find my peace at mind,
Thankfull 4 everything im given
& the raves im kicking,
Ya better listen
Its Odyssey on a mission
With my position in Hardcore
2 rock the dance floor!

How many lessons can you learn
From a heavy session,
You'll get depression that stresses ya
Like an obsession,
How many questions did I guess
2 get 2 this mess,
I confess
I got this shit on my chest,
So I talk it 2 death
In between breaths
Till there aint nothing left
That is the way
2 get rid of the stress,
Its the pressures of life
That get you under the weather
2 the end of ya tether
Promise me you'll pull it together,
This is the mission
That we endevour forever
No matter if ya clever
You better beware
Cause its out there!

I listen 2 rave every day
Thats what I say
Leading the way with Odyssey
The truest come follow
The imperial white Mc
That speaks with a plea
About the place were we are free
From the world & its misery
So listen 2 thee
The living legend
The mystery
A part of the legacy
4 the ravers I play ya see!

Dear God I got a wish
Bring peace 2 these verbal riots,
They wana fuck with me
I know 2 much
That's why im quiet,
They wana torture me with violence
While I sit in silence,
Probably because I had ya mother
When she was a clubber,
Mother fucker
I had 2 get you back,
It's the lyrical a-ttack
Return of the Mac,
Sticks & stones never broke my back
I keep my head high
So let's fly
Responsible till I die,
I'm the raver in favour,
Dark side flavour
Lone ranger
Thug 2 a stranger,
Be careful how you channel your anger
Plastic gangster
More like a prankster!

I feel the rain
Like a chemical 2 the brain
My mother wonders will i ever be the same
I tell her
Times change
Ill be back one day
2 make the truth in what i say
With the vision of Odyssey
Its my
Mind mind mind mind
Body & soul
Thats in out of control
Sombody let me know
Take me home
Take me home!

The Gods from above
They sent 4 me
2 give me the voice of a wicked Mc
Now everbody listen
Cause they
Sent me on a mission
They sent me on a journey
& they set me free
In the end there'll be a legacy
The legend of Odyssey
Ravers they follow me
There'll never be another Mc
Thats like me
So trust in thee
The one that God sent 2 be
Legendary in the legacy!

Breaking my check
Just 2 gather respect
Highly blessed
When i walk with the best
Just like a raver
Im a fan thats in favour
I write my lyrics on paper
With the magic of mother nature
God the creator in 7 days
He came & gave
Havent seen him since he sent me 2 the raves
Please have faith
In your touch & taste
Its a sense free of expense
Heaven sent!

If i was took up 2 Heaven
& he asked me why
Ill say i danced until i died
2 hide all my hiden cries
I rely on the beat in my heart
When i breathe
Got 2 be free when ya follow me
The ravers & Odyssey
Special prodigy
Its an honour
Ya follow me
Now the others have gota see
With the vision of Odyssey!

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