Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Knight
(100% permission to print MC Knight Lyrics on JUNGLETECHNO)

I’m an old skool mc but that dont really matter.
‘Cos I don’t give a flying fuck how high ‘im up the ladder.
I do it ‘cos i love it, I do it ‘cos I do,
If I weren’t up here doing this shit I’d be down there raving too,
‘cos nowadays there politics whose number 1 and all that shit,
But I just wanna get on a mic and spit so take me back to 96.
With Marley Sharkey Knight and Ribz and all the ravers loving it,
Original badboys doing their shit still going strong in 2007.

We are hardcore mc’s and we do what we like,
And all we need is hardcore when were rocking on the mic.
The dj brings the flavor we add the lyrical edition
And we enter your mind like its a mental condition.
If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen,
‘Cos the djs got you pumping now and he’s on a mission,
And if you still cant hack this then start a petition,
But you’ll end up at the doctors with a nervous affliction.

Screaming DOCTOR DOCTOR please can you help me?
‘Cos I have seen the future and it really excite me,
calm down son before I work out your treatment,
you better calm down before we have a bereavement.
But doctor doctor you don’t understand me,
I wanna be an mc with a mic in my hand see.
Well ok son my diagnosis is easy,
Just go to hardcore raves and listen three times daily.

I took this girl out the other night and we danced all night
Till the morning light.
We got back to hers and she was looking fine ,
So i thought to myself "ya im gonna get mine".
We sat on the sofa I started to stroke her,
And 10 minutes later I started to poke her.
Her on top me from behind,
i put it in places that brought tears to her eyes,

By the way she was moving I could tell that she loved it.
So I put it in her mouth and she suck it ,
I got that feeling and I tried to hold it.
But 10 seconds later my dick exploded,
I pulled it out and I wiped it clean,
Had a wash and put on my jeans,
Made my excuses and decided to leave
And then I woke up cos it was just a wet dream

So jump up all the hardcore crew cos ere we go again,
It’s the sounds of the uk hardcore djs mashing up your brain.
Gets in you blood then thru your heart and rushes round your body
That hardcore music that we love is smashing up the party.
So jump up with this come and get your hardcore fix,
The djs mixing mixing crisp, so jump with the treble and the bass like this.
Then look around and you will see hardcore ravers just like me,
Dancing in the place to be, well is this real or fantasy.

Hardcore raver in the place
You should be right off your face.
If your not its time to stop and ask someone what they have got,get a tab of ectasy
Drop it down come rush with me with a bit of lsd, yea that sounds good to me.
Now you’re rushing feeling fine I think its time to blow your mind.
So jump in time with the badboy rhyme, it aint no crime no it aint no crime,
Now you’re rushing feeling I think its time to blow your mind so jump in time.

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