Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Smiley lyrics
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Penetrating deep inside your mind with the lyrics i provide,
Im taking my sound to a new high yeh now the smilesters worldwide,
Everyweek a different club, Whole loads of new faces,
Converted to the hardcore sound, United the races

Love,Peace,Unity is the heart of our scene,
A multicultural dancefloor united in harmony,
Remember your first rave, First rush,Yeh i remember mine,
And ever since that day s`all been about the hardcore vibe

Ive met so many safe ravers in so many different places,
Yeh there clued up and they know the score,
Because this is what we do with our weekends,
And im proud to call myself hardcore.

Im a hardcore rapper yeh a badboy mc,
Was born n bred in Reading back in the 70`s,
Started working pirate radio and illegal parties,
It was the start of my long search, My dream to be a top mc

Never forget my first booking, My first time on a flyer,
Didnt think this hunger, Could get any stronger,
Yeh theres plenty of people outhere, waiting, Wanting me to fall,
Well i got a message for you all, Ent gonna happen, S`all cool

Because im here to stay, And im rocking the ravers,
Deep inside my bones i feel it when the bass explodes,
Yeh im hardcore every inch of my body,
respect to my hardcore family

From a wannabee to a top mc,
94 was when i started on my mission,
Never knew if id ever get anywhere,
Back then driven by a dream and a vision,

Ive had my ups, Ive had my downs,
But then i guess everybody does,
Just cant beat the feeling when the weekend kicks in
And im off to rock another club,

I can remember the time,
My first hold of the mic,
Dont think i`ll ever forget that feeling i felt deep inside,

And from that day forth,
I knew i was hardcore,
Striving to be the best that i can,
and entertain the ravers on the dancefloor,

Every weekend faced with the same agenda,
Buzzing up n down the motorways,
Entertaining the hardcore ravers,
From the streets and a life of crime,
I found hardcore and started to ryme,
Im addicted to the hardcore,
Im addicted to the vibe.

So many people misjudge us
they dont seem to understand,
Hardcore is like an addiction
Spread across our fair land,

So many doubted the future
Of the music we so love,
But when the date is set
We still unite as one,

So listen up ravers
To my lyrics take heed,
We are hardcore and proud
Aint no dying breed,

Come from North, South, East and west
Together to unite,
Ona musical mission
To prove hardcore will never die,

Coz we all ordinary people, With a love for the music,
With a love for the scene, ANd everything that it means,
It means love, peace, unity,
Multicoltural harmony,
Time to close your eyes, Go catch ya dreams,
This is hardcore, Know what i mean.

I like to sit at home and chill
with my pen in my hand,
Jotting down my rymes
Striving to be the best that i can,

I think of hardcore 24/7
Its my life, My one ambition,
So ravers sit up and listen
because im on a mission,

Ive been handed my challenge
Living up to expectations,
Expressing my visions
This is hardcore in session,

See the rymes reflect the moods,
the feelings of an mc,
More negative rymes when were down,
positive rymes when were happy,

But all striving for the same
as we play the hardcore game,
To keep the ravers entertained
ina positive way.

See no one really knows whats going on inside my mind,
My love for the scene, Its my all, Its my life,

When i hold the mic, And i bust my rymes,
Realistic lyric`s, A gathering of thoughts from my mind,

Released in time to the music, To complement the sound,
This is UK hardcore, Keeping the ravers jumpin around,

To the sounds inside the party,
Yeh its time to body,
Pon the m.i.c you got the smiley,
With the badboy DJ beside me.

I hold the mic in my hand
And it brings on a feeling,
That i never felt before
I bust my rymes out loud, For the crowd of ravers
Just getting raw pon the dancefloor,

You got the smiley on the mic
Yeh im live inside, With the lyrical sounds i provide,
I take the ravers on a journey through our sounds
The finest UK hardcore touching down,

I had a hardcore vision
So im off on my mission,
Delivering the lyrical Vibe
You got the S to the M to the I to the L to the E to the Y p-pon the mic,
With the lyrics i provide to take the ravers on a high.

Im a forward thinking Mc
With my rymes in my mind,
Shaping my master plan
To be a legend in my own time,

Be stood on the Hardcore stage
Since back in 94,
Always knew it was the one for me
A life-long addiction to hardcore,

See plenty have tried
But few are chosen,
Being a top hardcore Mc comes down to hardwork & Devotion,
Remembering your not the main attraction
And gelling with the dj for a musical fusion,

You got the smiley on the mic,
Yeh im live inside,
with the badboy dj alongside
we`ll take your body & mind on a musical ride.

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