Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Mad P the voice of Topbuzz Lyrics.

I can make you feel good like never felt before.
Just the way I touch your body you will cry out for more.
Touch ya kiss ya hold you squeeze you.
When I touch your body its like pins and needles.
When I put on the pressure watch your body you will feel the vibe.
Look into my eyes and tell me that is a lie.
I can, the feelin is so simple understand.
I could never break your heart and i could never let you down.
Certain vibes are truely nice touch your heart the feeling's right.

You think I pick up the microphone to chat nonsense.
I pick up the microphone to make dollars and cents.
Now people may resent, now im heaven sent.
To entertain the ravers up and down england .

I love the girls i really love the women,
to drive cocky is my one ambition.
Flesh on top of flesh and rub the bosoms thier the tits,
sweet vibrations watch the nipples get big.
When the clittie stand firm an make a ride out off it,
big up your chest my crew you know you have to beat it.
I love the girls i really love the women,
to satisfy a lady is my main ambition.........

Im a man what my mum designed,
i came into world i only had one mind.
Full affect my brain ticking on time,
i live the life i love unto people im kind.
My lyrics have to rough have to rhythm on time,
dont work for no dollar dont work for no dime.
Im a man what my mum design,
i came into this world i have to drop it with style......

In my life i have never placed a vote ,
no matter who's in power number ten is a joke.
The one tony blair have the country under siege,
let in immigrants to rape and pillage.
Understand me even i am scared to walk street,
the bombers them a blow up everything around me.
O!!!! look at arsenal not an english man in thier team,
an who's thier biggest fan no,the one, BIN LADEN............

Sticks and stone's may break my bones but word's will never harm me.
I get on the mic and i chat one line and make sure you understand me.
Peace and perfectly harmony to those that who really love me.
Think i give a dam bout my jam fucking enimies ???

Never trust a girl if she looks at you with lust in her eyes.
You should know what to do.
When will you learn? When will you see?
A dj groupie is not for me.
One night stand plain and bland.
Quick to get your cocky and your balls in her hand.

Sally bed hopper,
She profile like she prim and she profile like she propper.
She sleep with married men and her very own friends it don't matter.
As long as pussy tear out and it under the cover.
She blame it pon da weed, she blame it pon da E.
The way she jump about she coming like a grasshoppper.

Pleasantries in my family full of style and degree,
No matter what we say there's originality.
For instance, I'm on the acid house scene,
My brother private colonel is a ragga-muffin.
When we pick up the microphone it come like in an uzi.
The gangster rapper in a come he's not a moody
We have it in dark, now don't let no batty boy fool we.
A lyric from my heart and we come to succeed.

Will-a beast will-a beast will it,
Pussy come free and is eager to grill it.
Will-a beast will-a beast will it,
Pussy come free and is eager to grill it.
Now he clamied he fucked a girl in a prison,
Fucked it in a kitchen while his friends were watchin.
He's a kidster. He's a big joker,
This desperate dog bring shame pon mother.

Ever since you went away it's such a cloudy
You left me broken hearted now im feelin it bad
The love in life now only tears in my eye.
When i had you baby took for granted all the time
There aint nothing i'd for you and me to make two
I'd give you full atention and like devotion too.
Ever since you went away it's such a cloudy
You left me broken hearted now im feelin it bad

Bumbaclart my name Mad P and I dont give a rass.
Sometimes me lick the pipe but I only smoke grass
Different kind of catergory different kind of class.

Mirror mirror on the wall.
Who is the greatest of them all ???

My name is el-i el-i g-i-giga-li
pum pum fanny willy willy and whisky
Charlie charlie chop it, chop it up !

Topbuzz is part of the English history.
Just like William Shakespeare or the BBC.

Some of them like it Hot, some of them like it cold
Some of them like the topbuzz 'coz it's good for their soul !

I'm MC poetic, don't you forget it!
People judge me, oh do they regret it

Doctor Doctor I need a liccle remedy
Two blacks and a bubble will cure any allergy

Whether you like or hate we
You have to respect the Topbuzz ability.

There's a picture there's a puzzle can your mind solve it?
You take yourself a trip you better answer for it.

I love the girl, I really love the women.
To drive cocky is my one ambition.

Bad boy music bad boy sound, lyrics to really dress you down.
Get up and move the love all around, the buzz will give you pleasure.

Why is life so hard when you aint got no money ?
Everbody know's money cant buy love.

Fly away peter, fly away paul.
Come back peter, come back paul.

Do you think im famous ? I'm just an ordinary guy
To rise to the top they want you to turn batty boy

A cocky she love a cocky she wa-hannt
A cocky she need a cocky she ge- hett!

House music is strictly for the gay boy, House music is strictly for the fraud!

I love my JungleTechno it's for life, it's for love!

Leaving on a jet a plane I dont know when I'll be back again.

Topbuzz put the H in the word call High.

Dreams are for dreamers but wet dreams are for real.

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