Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Whizzkid Lyrics
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End Of Time

I feel so alive as the lights and lazers rise,
Its like im frozen in time, close my eyes and touch the sky,
And for that moment im as free as the air,
screaming out i dont care, as the drums start to blare!
Real Hardcore, kicking raw on the floor,
Outsiders tried to stop us, now they're begging for more,
The beat is so addictive, that it takes over your mind,
For now and forever until the end of time!


Nightmares come in the dead of the night,
While you're sleeping, they'll be creeping through any disguise,
And when a, nightmare, wakes you up in a sweat,
Heartbeats speeding, rapid breathing, no time for regrets.
Its just a, nightmare, that surrounds you with fear,
As a tear hits the pillow when things dont seem clear,
Cant stop the, nightmares, they dont care who you are,
Because the terror of your conscience waits for you in the dark!

Free At Last

I remember as a young kid growing up,
You were my friend when things were getting tough.
Why did the lord take you away?
I ask that question each and every single time I pray.
So I, close my eyes, and picture you near,
Reminissing on times when skies were clear,
And in my memory I can hear you laugh,
And in my dreams I relive the past,
I feel free at last!

Street Lights

Street lights shine in my life when it's dark outside
bright to the eye but it's shadows where my troubles lie
Can someone tell me which is wrong and which is right
cause i keep smiling but deep down the pain makes me cry
Burning through my veins i rush like some kinda drug
When all along i need the warmth of a loving hug
If sadness in this madness is all i've left to save
Then i'll take each moment as it comes directly to the grave.

The A-Team

I puff more rhymes than a drag on a spliff,
Like Hannibal Smith smokes cigars,
Yo, im heavy like Barracus, but smooth like Face,
Murdochs mind is like mine its bizarre,
So if you gotta problem and you need to solve 'em,
Then heres the guy you should call,
( A-Team theme ) Whizzkid on the mic,
And i might as well rhyme for you all... check, check it!
Hold on tight for the ride of your life,
The Red Stripes on this rhyme will not fall,
Like a hot rock bodyshock to ya chest,
We got ya burning like a fire ball!
( A-team theme with crowd participation to end. )
Rave Phenomenom

Buzzing with adrenalin, I let the Hardcores venom in,
Now im rushing like amphetamins, I can feel a stomp setting in,
I'm toppling into mystery, coz intrigue got the best of me,
So i make my problems history, as music means so much to me.
Catch a beat, get lost in time,
Rapture means a sweet bassline,
Almost sublime, it blows my mind,
And im coming up, just off good times,
A smile forms, the dancefloor warms,
Whistles and horns, a new days dawned,
And now there aint no stopping 'em,
Its called the rave phenomenom!

I Dont Want This Night to End

Is this moment real or am i subject to something i feel?
I hit the dancefloor to the Hardcore, and my soul is healed.
You got me jumping and pumping,
Dj was rocking and cutting,
And, yeah, i'll tell you something...
The rave was f*cking buzzing!
Sometimes i dream Hardcore was put on earth to make me dance,
Just one drop of a beat, and really there's no second chance,
It's like my nights enhanced, so i raise my hands lost in a trance,
I cant even comprehend..And i dont want this night to end!

A Night on the Town

I went up town one Saturday night,
You should have seen me, I was such a sight,
I challenged my best mate to a fight,
But he was too pissed to pick up his pint!
The DJ was playin some charty stuff,
And even though I was drunk the girls STILL looked rough!
But, off the cuff, I selected some chick,
I slid up beside her, as if I was slick,
She kissed me on the cheek,
And said she'd be back in a bit,
Then her mate came and told me,
She had drunk too much and was sick!
" Ah well" I thought, " She was a bit of a minger"
" And im kinda peckish could do a KFC Zinga."
Since I dont drink and drive, Kentucky is out,
And its too late for the garage its not 24 hour,
I was so hungry the chance was Zorba,
So i pushed in the cue to go place my order,
I said " Alright Buh!" in my best towny slang,
" Gimme a kebab, as fast as u can!"
While I was waiting, this guy was bickering with his Mrs,
And boy oh boy, she was screaming his business,
Kept me entertained, for at least 5 minutes,
And after all that it ended in kisses!
"Tsk.....anyway wheres my food?
Not being rude, but i have stuff to do!"
Grabbed my munchies, and I was on my way,
Kylie stuck in my head from that bloody DJ,
As the food hits my belly,
I start to feel dizzy,
My legs turn to jelly,
And my stomach is fizzy,
I knew what was coming so i head for the park,
And as i was running i thought " Aim for the dark!"
Its at about this point, i have to rack my brains,
Coz, I woke up on a bench covered in grass stains?
I this has happened to you, or one of your friends,
Then blame it on booze....and never do it again!!!!

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