Here are some MC Lyrics that I've managed to write down, though some of these lyrics have been submitted by the mc's themself too.

MC Wotsee Lyrics
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I’m a homerun hitter

you can say I am sick and twisted you can say I’m very bitter, like a baseball player I’m a homerun hitter, in my field of dreams I’m looking up to the light, the sky is my limit when I get on the mic, from the time that I was 21 I only had 1 dream, that’s to be a massive icon in the hardcore scene, people sing my lyrics cos I got their respect, this feeling is amazing what’s coming next.

The Satellite City

I was brought up in the place called the satellite city where the boys act bad and the girls aint pretty with houses getting robbed and fires being lit, using newport slang like you knows it, people go to work for their 6 till 2 cos their saving all their pennies for their rocky and glue, going on their break getting drugs from their locker smoking with their blads, cos they are safe and proper.

I’m different from the lot

People getting massive breaks for acting like a fool you got Helen from big brother and that mo from driving school, you got noel who made it famous when the papers wrote he’s gay, you know I’ve had enough of it, its time to have my say, they make the welsh look stupid but were far from all the same, we might be crap at football always leave the field in shame, but I’ve got to tell you something, I’m different from the lot I got my dream to make it giving everything I got.

Bottle of rush

You wake up in the morning and its quarter past ten your late for your giro overslept again, got no money for a taxi cannot even get a bus you spent your last fiver on a bottle of rush, now your up the job centre see your best mate signing on, he offers you some ganja its from Holland so its strong, you finally get your money, you get strongbow from the spar, what a wicked lifestyle believe its safe bra!!!

A rush you can’t save

Bought some tapes then you hear a tune so you crank up the volume inside your room, well your floor is now banging you hear your mother shout, that’s what being a raver's about, so you go and buy a ticket and you go to a rave, see loads of happy people it’s a rush you cant save, hear the dj mix as the bass goes boom its time to fly away like a rocket to the moon.

A Schoolboy in Lliswerry

This lyric is a story its from back in 95 there’s a school boy in Lliswerry whose a wire very live most his teachers seemed to hate him he made one break down and cry they couldn’t understand how his marks were so high, break-times he would wrestle like Shaun Michaels or The Rock, a show from in a circus was the sixth form block but the head got to expel him with a letter of law now Rawlings biggest enemy is rocking the dance-floor

Want to be famous

Want to be famous yeah I want to be a star yeah I want to be a guy who drive a flashy car well I want to have money for me to splash around, i've come to hype the raver’s with my lyrical touchdown.

A new dream was born

I remember going raving standing out in the que, getting freezing getting soaking ravings all I would do, getting into the venue music and an mc, I looked up at my hero’s sharkey, mc marley, after years of going raving a new dream was born, to get up on the stage with Whizzkid and Storm, one taste of dropping lyrics getting off on the buzz, being MC Wotsee’s like a life on drugs.

The local press all hate it

So the dust has finally settled and the smoke has finally cleared I’m now what I gave my life to I’m now what so many feared, from day one I’ve been so different trying new stuff every day, award winning at slammin sums up all I’ve got to say, but the local press all hate it, they refuse to let it be, a local music power who is not the GLC, I’ve got haters, I’ve got slaters, I got critics I got fans, a lyrical technician with the world in my hands.

You can live your life like me

Respect from all my family and respect from loads of friends I might drive round in an Astra not a flash Merceydes Benz, I might wear Lacoste for clothing spend my money to have fun, I’m dedicated focussed want to be number 1, so I’ve done my education now my past has been set, gaining motivation working hard and losing sweat so I’m spreading you a message my advice will come for free you can do whatever live your life like me.

At home I try to hide it

I could walk around my home town telling people I’m a star, I could show them all the tape packs with my name on in my car, I could show them all the fliers that I keep upon my wall and all the different numbers of the dj’s I could call, at home I try to hide it always try to be myself, cos when I’m nearing 30 I might end up on the shelf, to my friends who always see me yes I act a local joe but when im on the mic in clubs they know I steel the show.

Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it work real hard or you can doss you can have sex with your teacher, with your neighbour or your boss, you can have your beer and Charlie or your solvents and your glue, cos what you do in life is up to you. Got to know your highest limits set your goals achieve your dreams, if pressure gets right to you nothing is what it seems so believe in yourself and just give it your all, be like a super hero and answer the call.

My dream is now reality

I drive to different venues in the car park I will chill, when I walk into the party yeah I feel a wicked thrill, see a lot of different people everybody knows my name, my dream is now reality I’m living in fame, so I sign a lot of autographs have pictures taken too, its all I ever wanted cant believe it came true, stay away from being cocky, keep my feet on the ground performing for the raver’s with a lyrical touchdown.

Life is like a module

Life is like a module every day is like a stage I can read you like a book now I’m gonna turn the page as the ending of this chapter sees us dancing having fun, ill take your mind and body to the maximum.

You’ll never be as famous

Kicking around but now I’m living my dream well there’s friends I’ve lost and there’s things I’ve seen to the people who may slate me just listen for free, you’ll never be as famous as the MC Wotsee.

Jordan’s Tits

Id love to be a pop star write my number one hits get my picture in the papers sucking Jordan’s tits, make my first million have a house in the country fulfil my boyhood dream and own Newport County. This may seem weird it may seem wild, I live my life still like a child cos I do my business and I do it my way this is how I’ve got where I am today.

Who the hell are you

Friends from many years ago we kept our friendship strong but you went and turned your back on me, is chasing dreams so wrong, you can slate me if you want to but what you gonna do, I’m a famous mc who the hell are you.

Every minute every day

How to be an mc well this is my way as I live for hardcore music every minute every day, I always write my lyrics with a skill and technique, it took me time and effort for the way that I speak. You got to make your demos knowing everything it takes, play in clubs for pennies try to get the right breaks, climbing up the ladder see the top of the tree now it can work for you cos it worked for me.

The Welsh Sensation

My world is like a jigsaw got to piece it all together coz I got a lot of dreams I want to last forever, like a girlfriend that I worship and a baby boy, to overcome the stigma of the real McCoy, I’m seen as controversial sometimes act like a clown, when I’m chilling with my mates, when I’m walking through town, I change when I want to cause a massive vibration, welcome to the world of the welsh sensation.

That’s not enough

Set yourself some targets you can always achieve when I said I was an mc none my friends did believe so I worked so hard to make it with a dream to prove them wrong and now some sexy ladies say my voice does turn them on. I’m seen as Wales number 1 but that’s not enough coz I want to be world famous yes I know that will be tough but you know I’ve got a passion I dress with flair and pride, the life of MC Wotsee is one hell of a ride.

One and two

Add one and two and yeah you get three, I’m just hypening the crowd cos I’m the mc, you add one more, yeah you get four, you and I together lets rock the dance floor.

I’m huge in the UK

After fifteen cans of Carling, I found a system and a mic, who would have thought what I created on that drunken Friday night, for years I took the statements “MC Wotsee this and that”, if UK law was different many would have got a slap, but now I’m here I’m smiling, I often wonder how, people tried to stop me but look at me now, the best in my own country what can local muppets say, I’m known by raver’s around the world, I’m huge in the uk.

Milf Hunter

You can read the Kama Sutra till the very back page, my philosophy on women’s they get better with age, their experienced, developed and their muscles are strong, have you seen some of the women on milfhunter dot com, Sam Fox oh what a legend, there’s quite a few more, imagine Pamela Anderson knocking your door, this ain't sleazy it’s quite funny but its also filth, American Pie taught us the world of the Milf.

Live your life just for today

Got so much I always wanted there’s so much I didn’t get, do you think my hearts been shattered, it’s a pretty safe bet, people died and left me lonely, couldn’t sleep at night through stress, the only girl I loved in life preferred the same sex, all this stuff has taught me something, life you life just for today, if someone does you wrong then one day their “going to pay”, I live inside a bubble, keep my anger outside, arrogant?, an asshole? No ambitious full of pride.

This nightmare’s a reality

There’s graffiti on the windows homeless people on the floor, people urinate in doorways sell the school kids grams of draw, there are families who are inbred, prostitution on the docks, people got no money cant afford no shoes or socks, is this illusinating like a shadow in the night, this nightmare’s a reality, the futures not bright, I thank god for my talent I now share it spread and give, my one get out of jail card from the slum where I live.

Makes me stand proud

I’m waiting for a taxi on my driveway Sunday night, see a kid who rides past me on a stolen mountain bike so he see’s three of his best mates they turn round their coming back, one of them is asian, two are white and one is black, oh blad are you the mc, did you go to our school, you’re a legend on the playground to the kids your really cool, these things often embarrass but it makes me stand proud, I know that I am respected when I’m rocking a crowd.

Never been a quitter

Never been a quitter, never gave up in my life, I done a lot of things wrong, I done a lot of things right but here I am this evening with a smile on my face, the mic’s in my hand watch me rock this place, as the bass kicks in, my rhymes come fast, I make a first impression that’s made to last, so what people say will be shown tonight that when I’m on the stage you believe the hype.

Girls Aloud

Who do you relate to whose your idol in your life, is it superman or batman or your parents or your wife, do you think you have a mission or a job that you do, that makes you feel important always happy not blue, so if two is seen as company and three is a crowd, heaven is a gang bang with the girls aloud as I play within the rulebook I’m as agile as a cat, doing what I want to its as simple as that.

Phone is always ringing

My phone is always ringing who is going to ring me next, I accept it does my head in but I’ve got to try my best to accept its going to happen and it will not go away, I know I’ve got to answer hear what people have got to say, is this wotsee?? Yeah it might be, who is this that’s on my phone?? I love you mate your wicked I’ve got all your tapes at home, “Yeah no problem mate that’s buzzing but I am going to have to go” this is what surrounds me as an icon who can flow.

Behind the scenes

The set is getting closer and the clock is ticking down, behind the scenes I’m nervous sweating loads and walking around, in a minute I’ll be focussed as I know it’s my turn, I get up on the stage no time to learn, so I give an introduction watch the cameras start to flash, this is what the buzz is not the envelope of cash, for an hour of the spotlight I give everything I got, I’m not a flash in the pan because I want the lot.
Something fresh and something new

In this scene I’m something different something fresh and something new I got lyrics that cross borders but their funny and true, I shatter loads of records what’s the future got in store, I show up on the stage what I learnt on the floor, I get slatings I accept that it just proves how big I am, I’m praised and so respected thousands say that I’m the man, everybody has their favourite they love to sing along to my critics take a listen you don’t hurt me for long.

From the day you were born

From the day you were born until the day that you die, oh yeah you keep on chasing rainbows that are high in the sky, well you know the things your after and the effort that they need, the key to be successful is you got to believe.

Childhood full of errors

In a childhood full of errors phoney friends have come and gone as this world is full of users who will always do things wrong, try and make out their your buddy then they stab you in the back, but now I’m standing tall I wont take this crap, some girls have messed my head up took this fool for a ride, now they seem to want a piece of me those bitches that lied so there friends think I'm an asshole but the truths I got a brain they struggle hard to grasp I live my life in the fast lane.

Be tomorrow’s news

It’s this business that I live for it is what my life’s about I put anger in my lyrics I don’t ever scream and shout, I’m constructive very different from the rest I’m on my own, living for the music every beat and every tone, the persona I created was designed to always shock, time is running out on us don’t stand by the clock, be determined energetic, stamp on all of your blues, if you work towards a target your tomorrows news.

Wasting loads of money

I was wasting loads of money out in town on every night, never had any ambition till my finance came tight so I found I had a talent but to most it was a joke, I jumped into the spotlight left my life in the smoke, on the net I built my name up, gigs were coming thick and fast but people kept on saying this wouldn’t last then I made it to the big time and I drew the line, nobody holds me back this life is mine

MC Wotsee’s back

Forget the things you may have heard I’ll tell you all the score, when I flew out of a sunroof banged my head hard on the floor, seen my life flash right before me, seen the blood pour down my face, people spreading rumours to my crew are a disgrace, all my mates with me that morning are like blood brothers to me, the Adam h, the Andy b the hornsman Mikey G, all the stuff is done and dusted, people out there stop your crap, one thing really matters, MC Wotsee’s back.


This is MC Wotsee, what you see is what you get, not a base head or a cokehead or a smackhead high on ket, as a friend I’m pretty loyal, that’s the way it should be, respect I’ve shown to some, ain’t been shown to me, compulsive liars, big time charlies grab a flyer and see, the name that’s in the middle ain’t you it’s me, forget about the rest, accept no imitation, 5,4,3,2,1 here comes the welsh sensation.

What I was I’d be again

Came so close to death it scares me, I close my eyes I cant Sleep, I got some scars now on my body I know I have to keep, months of anguish full of anger my mates were having fun, I hit the road at speed so very close to a tonne, through the pain I was determined what I was I’d be again, MC Wotsee ain’t a quitter there’s nobody the same, now I’m on the mic my message is quite simple and free, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

My world that don’t exist

Look at me I’m pretty crazy in my world that don’t exist, I’ve had sex with all the spice girls so I think or was I pissed, I drive a Porsche carrera, i’ve raved up on the moon, I think you all respect me but I might just be a loon, did you say I’m skitsofrenic wait a minute, where did you go, I base my life around you but you keep on saying no, at my wedding there will be thousands, am I off my tree, the men in white coats are coming for me.

Sorry doesn’t cut it

Saying sorry does’nt cut it, there’s an issue always there, you can crack a smile through anger, try to make out you don’t care, you can leave it, kick a fuss up, lose your head and go insane, plough into somebody just as fast as a train, breathe in deep and let your stress out, dig down deep you have to try, remember all the good times and forget what made you cry, can you see the point I’m making, can you feel the words I say, forget whats around the corner and live for today.

Forces and HMP

This lyric's for the people who can’t get to a rave either fighting for our
country or they couldn’t behave, all the crew that’s in the forces or HMP this is all your shout out from MC Wotsee, I know that your all ravers love the music and more, wake up every morning have a listen to hardcore when your back we’ll party like never before you and I united we'll rip up the dancefloor

A mad man with a purpose

Never given any handouts my respect I had to gain every day was something different I play hard to win the game, in becoming MC Wotsee, MC Wotsee had to be, unique and very different with originality that raises me a question will I moan and complain if in twenty years time no-one remembers my name, like a mad man with a purpose there’s no way to prepare my love for hardcore music is what I declare

Time stands still

Let me tell you people something it’s about the place I live a place that’s
full of takers no-one ever wants to give, every week is re-occuring people
work and get their pay, I rub my eyes and wonder is this ground hog day so
here are my examples why I think like this, we either take drugs or go on the piss, twenty quid to get some Stella five quid for a pill as Newport is the
place where time stands still

Dreams come true

What’s the thing that makes me different stand away from all the rest is it
passion is it hunger or a will to be the best, I got focus and ambition leave
alone forbidden fruits I stand tall as an icon staying true to my roots all
my lyrics are so different I freestyle like no-one else you all no where I
come from doesn’t matter I’m welsh now I’ve won an award for the job that I do, I prove to everybody that dreams come true

Heart and soul

I believe in what I stand for, I believe in who I am, I say everything I want
to, I’m a man whose got a plan, I got lyric variation I can pick up the speed
hardcore is my life it is what I believe all my fans are represented as they
feel the words I say if their rich or poor or famous if they straight or
even gay if their black or white or asian if they work or claim the dole I’m
a true performer giving heart and soul

Dotted I’s and crossed T’s

Over time I grew in stature dotted I’s and crossed T’s, hit my critics so hard I watch them drop to their knees cos my working is my ethic and my morales are strong, this world class talent proved his whole town wrong, but I thought that was a challenge till I came across the rest, mountains to climb for me to be the best, now I’m closer than I ever thought I know the score, give this man and mic and I will rock the dancefloor

Back to the future

Got my moral values what I think will never change, there’s a lot of things around me that can make me act strange, going back to the future gonna travel through time my very first booking my very first rhyme, so I want to be famous yeah I wanna be a star who'd have thought that simple lyric would have took me so far, on a journey on a mission that to me was not a shock a one way ticket on a trip to the top

8 Mile

Its my life and no-one else’s what I do is what I do, I was born to be a winner I don’t lie its true, people stand and stare but listen then I see them grin and smile, cos I’m the British version of Rabbit in 8 mile, gimmicks ain’t a part of me my lyrics are deep I’m a Welshman so I’m dubbed to have a fetish for sheep through the hard times I get stronger I’ve seen heaven and hell this lyrical magicians started casting a spell

I used imagination

Came from nowhere like a cyclone something new and not the same playing venue after venue I was like a hurricane, but the light got overshadowed it was dampened by a mist I used imagination turned out like this there’s no score I have to settle not a thing I have to prove I’m a winner plain and simple never play to lose if I want it I will get it I’m self centred if you like I prove to people who I am when I’m on the mic

An everlasting dream

Drifting into semi consciousness an ever lasting dream will it turn into a nightmare will it make we want to scream, when I use imagination I paint pictures in my mind which form a hidden message that love is blind, all my dreams explain my future nightmares bring alive my past, my wife, my fame, my children or hitting the glass, when I wake up I remember bits and pieces from the night, there’s good times and there’s bad times when your high as a kite

My mate Barno’s

I was twenty one and reckless not a care in my life so I started writing lyrics chatting them through a mic going round my mate barno's on his decks I learnt my trade a few years later I believe I’m made, so I love my entertaining it is what I live for, standing on the stage ripping up the dance floor, my legacy is written I’m a link in the chain, setting new standards is the name of the game

£80 journey

I'm gonna have a party all my friends are coming round as were going on a journey only costing eighty pounds, got a pack from hardcore heaven got a strongbow in my hand I’m gonna get wasted just as bad as I planned, got some rizla in my wallet got some skunk inside my coat is somebody getting Charlie here's a fifty pound note, with no feeling in my body I will always crave for more I’m gonna lose my senses fall asleep on the floor

Wotsee man

My mate came from a nightclub what he is saying is true, he said Wotsee man listen peoples copying you with their lyrics and their flowing and the way that they rhyme, plagiarism is respect but it’s also a crime, in my bedroom I’m creating everything that I do, funny lyrics when I’m happy sad ones when I’m blue, every week a little different something fresh and something new, I never tell lies what I say is true.

Picture perfect

In a world that’s picture perfect everything I want is there, saying, doing what I want to never having to care as my wife is all I wanted I’m no longer a roamer, the County are successful now that I am the owner, my mansion’s multi storey and my kids are really cool, I’ve got a massive limo and Olympic sized pool, when I cruise in my boat my music plays loud, born to die a hardcore mc who can hype up a crowd.

Jodie Marsh

My mother taught me something being honest is the way, so I hold my head up high each and every day, I don’t care about your background I don’t care about your race but when I’m feeling stressed out I need some space, what I say is sometimes crazy often logical but harsh, I’d double drop Viagra if in bed with Jodie Marsh, when my heart is beating fast I’m one of a kind, the things I’m gonna do are gonna blow your mind.

12 years later

I’ve gone back to Monday morning way back when in 89, there’s a tie that’s blue and purple and a blazer there both mine, ten past eight I’m really nervous sitting on my kitchen stool waiting for my mates for our first day in school, twelve years later the same feeling came and hit me again being small time in a big world working hard for a name, after years in school and music I became who I am now this leader is an icon and a man with a plan.

Violence, sex and drugs

What I do would never work I heard a lot of people say now I wonder where they are when I’m here today, all the things I say are very wrong, Violence, sex and drugs, stack the deck against me I’m the king of clubs, Jordan’s tits, girls aloud and a bottle of rush, I’m the homerun hitter you just can’t touch, all the lyrics that have made me I worked hard to make my own, walking through the smoke and lights I done it alone.

Man of steel

I announced my expectations to my mates in 98 said to them I’d be an mc and an all time great, there’s a Thursday I remember sitting in the man of steel, the jokes from loads of people started spinning the wheel, as I started on my journey the abuse got more and more as our scene was seen as dying, what was happy hardcore? Month by month I got more bookings up the ladder I did climb, my talents what I’m proud of being able to rhyme.

Are you with me or not

My life has changed so much it’s hard to say the way I feel loads of fantasy has now turned into stuff that’s very real, does it shock me no it doesn’t I give all that I’ve got now I’ve got a simple question are you with me or not, I’m a legend in my country and it makes me feel proud every time I play in Wales there’s a sell out crowd who support me on my mission for the things I have to do, this lyrics for the raver’s respect to you.

Ready for kaos

I’ve got a true awareness like I say I’m like no other loving music hard and fast have you checked out Huggermugger, the world is full of sins, I know all seven, in a hospital bed I heard a echo of heaven, I’m a hardcore mc get myself in the zone as living my life is like a world of Unknown, Ive got a second sight put a message across that I’m MC Wotsee and I’m ready for kaos.

What’s happening Perc

I’m now something I deserve to be forget my inner child, every time I drop a lyric the crowd goes wild, I’ve got lyrics that are national but I’ve got a local verse that’s coming from my hometown “Whats happening Perc”, I’m the icon of the factory and the building site aswell, if you slate me for my lyrics you can go to hell, if you stare at me its simple as I know what you will see, a mad and crazy person but a top mc.

Pulling the trigger

I’m determined like a fighter I’m respected like a king as an mc with a passion whose doing my thing rocking parties full of ravers every week I’m getting bigger, my barrels full of bullets now I’m pulling the trigger, when I look into the mirror I’m quite happy what I see though I’ve got the scars to prove how hard it is to be me, from the problems I’ve encountered I’ve turned and walked away, to work towards my targets each and every day.


The road to recovery has taken place, now the mics in my hand and I’m in your face, ten times better than before has it caused a shock, I’m the only mc whose been Robocop, being bathed by my parents was as low as it got, if you talk about nightmares I’ve had the lot, flashing lights, injections, operations and more, I’m back on the stage living life for hardcore.

Do you know the van

My lyrics are what made me and their full of Newport slang, you may think you know a lot in life but do you know the van, when I channel all my anger I’m as mad as can be, on a wreckup with my best mates on the stage an mc, like an eagle ill keep soaring searching for the highest high if in life your wanting something there’s no harm in if you try, be competitive and focussed on your own or in a team, that girl is pretty sexy what a solid machine.

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